Natasha and Richard

How They Asked

So on the 24th November my boyfriend Richard took me for a little morning trip to Prosser Pines County Park for a little photoshoot of us together in the amazing scenery. Little did I know just what he had planned for that morning. Whilst I waited for him to set up the camera he told me to face the other way as he wanted to capture some movement shots. When he told me to turn around there he was, on one knee where he asked for my hand in marriage.

Natasha's Proposal in Prosser Pines Nature Preserve

Not only did he set the whole thing up, sent a handwritten letter prior to my arrival to my parents asking for their blessing, but he also arranged for a photographer to be there to capture the whole thing! How could I not say yes to this amazing human being? I’ve been shown more love, care, and respect by this one man than what anyone else has ever given me. Yes, it may be tough with having the distance but we make it work regardless of the 5 hour time difference and the ocean between us. We always manage to make time for one another and make sure we talk on the phone each and every day.

Proposal Ideas Prosser Pines Nature Preserve

They say you’ll know when you’ve found the one for you. I mean you can’t expect to find the love of your life living on the same road as you. Just because we are long distance doesn’t mean we can’t be together. We just have to work that bit harder to ensure that every moment we do have together we can cherish that little bit more. It’s crazy how we can be apart for months at a time and yet once we’re together, it’s like we’ve never been apart.

That’s a bond to be held onto and cherished and well, I intend on doing that. I love you Richard and I cannot wait to marry you! ❤️

Special Thanks

Michael Cassara
 | Photographer