Natasha and Nicholas

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How We Met

We met in school at 16 and 17. We were too young to want to admit it, but we both knew what it was from the word go. We were inseparable from the moment we got to know each other. We were obviously each other’s prom dates just before we both went on to do our own things – we both began our own lives as adults, but something in the stars drew us back to one another each time. He did a ski season where we didn’t see each other for almost five months (apart from him coming home to surprise me for Valentine’s Day, but that’s another story!) We travelled around some of Europe for five months once he’d come home – for me, this was the final sign that it was meant to be. From this point on I couldn’t imagine my life without sharing every detail of it with him.

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how they asked

Six years down the line, we are stronger and more in love than I ever thought possible! We went to New York to celebrate the New Year and the Christmas festivities – we’d had it all planned and what we would be doing to celebrate the New Year for a long while. On my birthday on December 30th, he gave me a box (and started welling up!) – obviously, I was a nervous wreck at this point wondering what he was handing me. As I opened it there sat a beautiful custom designed diamond and blue topaz (my birthstone) pendant necklace.

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At this point I was crying as he told me “this is my promise to you, that it will eventually match your engagement ring when the time comes.” I was totally in shock at the idea that he was even considering engagement, never mind what was about to happen. Fast forward 24 hours and we were on a cruise on the Hudson River celebrating New Year’s Eve when the boat stopped in front of the Statue Of Liberty to get the perfect view of the fireworks display.

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The clock struck midnight, and Nicholas took my hand, told me “I want you to go into 2018 knowing how in love with you I am. I want to spend the rest of my life with you”, got down on one knee and asked, “will you marry me?” I was speechless for the first time in my life and just managed to whisper “yes!” between the tears. I couldn’t even think about looking down at my hand – I was too confused about how he had planned this whole thing without me having any idea! When I eventually did, I saw the most beautiful custom designed ring to match the pendant as he’d promised with his Mother’s family heirloom diamond. He then presented me with a handmade jigsaw puzzle, each of the pieces containing the message from the card he had written me for our anniversary (December 18th), Christmas, my birthday and his proposal speech!

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