Natasha and Nathaniel

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How We Met

My friend Danielle was an aspiring host at the time and threw monthly events called “Dating Games”. The premise of the event to get to know fellow young, professional people in NYC who were available and ready to mingle. The event had multiple games that were played throughout the evening and one game in particular “Musical Chairs” Nate caught my attention from across the room. He was smiling and happy and had the attention of most, if not all the girls in the room. I made note of him in that moment but actually did get to meet him that night.

As months went on I would see Nate around the city and I would always make mention that I knew him from my friends event! We would speak and hug but nothing came of this for a while. This went on for a couple of years believe it or not. Finally, after a really fun night at a party where we dance with each other, he messaged me on Facebook the next day asking if we could go on a date. Finally! We had made it to point of getting to know one another. After a few months of not really being certain if this situation was what I wanted I finally committed to Nate on September 4, 2013 and haven’t looked back since!

how they asked

Fast forward 4 years later and here we are in September, our favorite month hands down as it starts Nate’s favorite season of fall and it creates a moment of reflection as we celebrate another year together on the 4th. To be honest, I had a feeling that Nate was going to propose on our actual anniversary or around that weekend, because–why not! It made perfect sense. However, being the guy he is, he did something that I did not see coming.

On the week of September 15th, Nate told me that he had planned a date night for us in the city on Friday, 9/15. I was super excited because Friday date nights are pretty rare for us as we now live in Jersey, so we love to head home right after work to get our weekend started at home. I was super excited that the date was in the city and better yet at a place I had never been called City Vineyard in Tribeca.

After wrestling with traffic in my uber to arrive to the restaurant I made it (30 min late). He was sitting at a table that was overlooking the water and it was beautiful. The sun was shinning bright and as we ate and drank the last of summer water (aka rose) we laughed and reminisced about our week and summer. We chatted and ate a delicious meal and to be honest everything felt really normal. After dinner we wrapped up and Nate asked if I wanted to take a walk on the pier. The sun was setting and the sky was saturated with hues or orange and pink. It. was. stunning. Sunsets are my favorite part of the day and I’ve never seen a sunset I didn’t love.

Once we got to the end of the pier we stopped and again, embraced each other while chatting and reflecting on how far we’ve come from living in the city we were standing in for 4 years and then now looking over the water at our new home in jersey. It was quite an amazing moment. After a few minutes of talking Nate looked at me and I felt him make a swift move to his knee’s and he asked me to marry him!! I literally could not breath. I immediately covered my face with both hands and began to cry. Seeing the man of my dreams looking up at me lovingly asking me to spend the rest of my life with him was single handedly the best moment of my life.

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After a few seconds he got off his knee and asked me the question again and showed me the ring…again! I had seen nothing in that moment because it felt like I completely blacked out. I immediately began to say yes and again the tears were rolling down my face. We embraced for what seemed like an eternity and both started saying “Thank you God, Thank you God” and in that moment is when I felt Nate crying on my shoulder as well. It was the sweetest, most memorable moment of my life and I’m so grateful to have a man like Nate in my life who is so thoughtful and romantic. The next day my fiancé flew me home to Florida to celebrate our engagement with my family. My mom and cousins through us the most magical and intimate engagement party! It was absolutely incredible to be able to share that special moment with family. I love my finance unconditionally and I am thrilled to be the future Mrs. Greene. Greene!

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Special Thanks

Marcus Harvey
 | Photographer