Natasha and Michael

Image 1 of Natasha and Michael

How We Met

We met at a friend’s birthday party. After both stalking each other out on social media we got on like we’d known each other forever. The months that followed we were inseparable and had a rollercoaster of dates and adventures. I was due to go traveling around South America for a month soon and as Michael had to work it would mean we would be apart for the first time since meeting…

How They Asked

I left to fly to Brazil and Michael stayed at home. While I was traveling we would keep in touch but halfway through my trip and while I traveled to Peru I was unable to reach him. I called and messaged a few times but he told me he would be unavailable for a few days while he was at a conference. I reached Peru with my friend and we unpacked ready to do the Machu Picchu trek when suddenly my phone was Michael asking how my trip had been. I asked how he was and how the conference was and then out of nowhere he walked up the stairs towards me and got down on one knee proposing with a candy sweetheart ring. I was so unbelievably shocked that he had traveled all the way from London to Peru to surprise me with the proposal and we celebrated on the top of Machu Picchu! Everyone thought he was crazy but when you know, you know!

Image 2 of Natasha and Michael

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