Natasha and Matt


How We Met

We met through my best friend (at the time), when she invited me to her Christmas party in Banff, Alberta, Canada. I had said yes but when the day came, I really wanted to stay home as the drive was going to be over 2 hours from my house due to a snow storm. She finally convinced me to come. Just before dinner we decided to grab a glass of wine at the Christmas party and behind us was this adorable, tall, curly hair’ed guy, that said hello and introduced himself as Matt. As the night went on, I couldn’t help but to glance over at him every so often, just to get his attention (there was just something about him). We connected throughout the evening when he came to sit next to me. Our conversations and energy towards one another were great.

I danced the rest of the night away with my girlfriend and we decided to call it a night but I couldn’t see Matt anywhere around, to at least say goodbye. We went back to our hotel room and I was a bit disappointed after such a great evening talking with him, that we did not exchange phone numbers. Well, I really didn’t have much time to be disappointed since he had already emailed my best friend and asked why we left without saying goodbye and if he can have my number so he could take me out for coffee. Shortly after she responded, gave my number to him and we went on our first date, which now happens to be our favorite once-a-month-go-to restaurant. And so that is how we met.

how they asked

We were planning to go on a hike with a few friends of mine when Matt asked if it could be just us two this time around. I said yes and did not think anything of it. The morning of the hike, on our drive, he acted absolutely calm and not suspicious in any way. After 3 hours of hiking we finally came to the top of the mountain and decided to set up a little area to have lunch. The hike was absolutely spectacular. Mountains and lakes all around us. All I kept saying was ‘wow, this is gorgeous, I have not seen anything like it’.

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As i was sitting on top of this mountain, turned to the side to get out our lunch from my backpack, I turned back around and in front of me, there he was on his knee asking me to make him the happiest man by marrying him. Tears of happiness and joy in both of our eyes, followed by a big YES and a kiss. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I was so happy and excited, ok a little too excited I must admit.


It was truly the best feeling I have ever felt. The proposal was perfect, we met in the mountains, we got engaged in the mountains and we are going to plan our wedding in the mountains. It truly could have not been more perfect.

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