Natasha and Kenneth

Natasha and Kenneth's Engagement in Boston, MA

How We Met

Kenny and I met at Stonehill college (only the tiniest private college in Massachusetts) and ironically we ALMOST both went to other colleges. Having both been active in the “Stonehill Class of 2016” Facebook page – we had a general idea of who each other were and met at freshman orientation through mutual friends. Once school started, we started hanging out more and more and quickly became close friends. One day, I couldn’t help myself and had to let all my friends know that I was crushing on Kenny. Hard. Even though I would never admit it. Luckily, he felt the same way. So what better way to ask someone to be your girlfriend than on the Sem Path at Stonehill? Aka a pathway to the freshman dorm we both lived in at the time. It’s safe to say the rest is history…

Throughout our time at Stonehill we got to experience living abroad in London together and visited Paris, Italy and Scotland. We definitely grew up a lot from Freshman dorm parties and got to experience so many things together in school and beyond.

I’m so lucky to have him as my very, very best friend and so excited to start this next chapter!

how they asked

Since Kenny and I had been dating for almost five and a half years, I was starting to get super anxious (and nose-y). He had to be EXTRA sneaky because I don’t let a single thing go unnoticed.

I write/contribute for the Boston-based blog: Like So Pretty ( Kenny connected with Shauna, the editor of Like So Pretty and a mentor-turned-friend, to scheme. He asked her to organize a blog “photo shoot” so I wouldn’t be suspicious when he asked to head into the city. So, Shauna reached out asking if I could do her a favor for the blog and take pictures for an opportunity that had come up. Obviously I took the bait and spent the whole week not only outfit planning but writing a “post” as well.

When the weekend rolled around, I got all ready and we headed into the city for one of our favorite lunches: pizza obviously. Afterwards we headed towards the Harborwalk where Kenny patiently took every angle and pose I wanted. Then he said he needed to set up his tripod to get a few landscape shots. Once again – I fell for it because he has been super into photography lately. As I’m standing there and he’s adjusting the camera, he comes over, turns me around and finally asks the question I’ve been dying to hear! Tears started pouring down my face and he just stood there and said: “are you going to say yes?!”

Where to Propose in Boston, MA

One of the best moments of the engagement came after the fact: hearing all of the planning and thought that went into it. My dad passed away two years ago and Kenny made it a point to “ask” him (cue the tears again). And it took place at the Harborwalk — which is a perfect view of planes landing and taking off at Logan, a passion I shared with my dad.

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