Natasha and Darren

Image 1 of Natasha and Darren

A week earlier we had been shopping. I spotted a mug that said “Mr Handsome” and declared I would buy it for him as he is so darn handsome. When Darren seen a matching mug that said “Mrs Cute” he lifted it and said I should get it as I am his “Mrs Cute”. I thought they were sweet and so we bought them. Little did I know that it was a big clue to what would be happening the following week.

Darren had went into town earlier that day and had told me to get ready so we could go for dinner. As usual Darren was ready before me and was playing music. He’s a big fan of theme songs and so I didn’t think it was unusual for Darren to be playing one of “our” songs. Doctor Who had been one of the reasons we bonded and we watched it every week together. Darren also calls it his “pump” song, so it was very apt for it to be playing for what was coming.

Darren handed me a glass of wine, I was requesting another song to be played next and I turned around to set it down. When I turned back Darren wasn’t in front of me, it took a moment for me to realize that he was on one knee.

Darren explained how he was going to wait for our weekend in Dublin but he just couldn’t wait anymore and that it didn’t matter where he proposed so long we were there together. He said that I was the love of his life and he knew he would marry me from the moment he saw me. For once in my life I was speechless as the man I loved the most asked me the most important question of my life. “Will you marry me?”

We never made dinner that night as we were much too excited to tell our families and went to see them instead!

Image 2 of Natasha and Darren