Natasha and Ben

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How We Met

Sydney, Australia (2014) – I sat next to him at work and instantly developed a giant crush on him. I tried my very hardest to start conversations with him, to ask him to join me for lunch, give him subtle compliments, but he was oblivious to all of it! I went on leave for a few weeks, and upon my return, he immediately asked if I wanted to join him and some other colleagues that evening for a drink. The large group quickly dwindled down to the two of us, and that evening turned into the first of 3 back-to-back dates that weekend! That was 3 years ago, and since then we’ve been inseparable- we quit our jobs, went traveling, started a business venture, moved in together, left sunny Sydney for London, bought a house and now we’re getting married!

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how they asked

Under the guise of introducing me to his city (London) of which I was a new resident, he took me on a day trip to the Kew Gardens. He was acting so strange all morning – insisting that we walk a very strict route, constantly looking at his phone, not really making any sense!

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We walked out to an oak-lined promenade and he got down on one knee under a 300-year old heritage oak tree. He’d hired a photographer to follow the whole thing in secret! We were both really emotional and he was very cute and nervous! He had a whole speech planned and then forgot to actually ask me to marry him!! When he finally did, I responded with “Of course, you idiot!”

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We had an hour with the photographer afterward who walked around the gardens with us and just kept us in the moment and got it all on film. It was so raw and magical! I kept bursting into happy tears and screaming out to passers-by that we were engaged. We then had a steak and champagne lunch at a gastropub nearby to celebrate and tell all our family & friends!

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Special Thanks

Giulia L.
 | Photographer