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How We Met

Natasha: Alex and I met one night at his fraternity house at the beginning of our Junior year at Drury. If you ask him, he will say that he tutored me in Spanish.. but we all know that is not true. I am not sure why he says that, but it is probably because we had Spanish Lab together throughout Sophomore year, and all we said to each other was “hi!” in the hallway to or from class. People that know us might wonder why I called him “Alex” above. That is his given name, but his high school and college friends know him as “Peebs”. That is what I have referred to him as throughout all these years (or Babe, Honey, Honeylumpkins, Boobala) but recently someone pointed out that I may want to start calling him Alex, or our kids are going to refer to their father is Peebs. After we met, we hung out for 1 year until we started dating. After graduation, I moved back to St. Louis, and he stayed in Springfield. We both found jobs in our respective cities but knew we ultimately wanted to be in the same city. He made that happen when he moved to STL in January of 2017, making the year and a half of long-distance totally worth it! Alex makes me laugh until I cry, holds me when I’m sad, and makes me make him popcorn every night, but I wouldn’t’ want to be stuffing my face with anyone else. I cannot wait to call you my husband!

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Alex: Ol’ Tashy and I met at the Sigma Nu Fraternity House in the fall of 2013. Now there is absolutely no debate that the chemistry was real from the first time we locked eyes. More than likely because of my dance moves. It is also a known fact that I ignited the flames of our love through my immaculate skills in Spanish class. Yes, I know what you are all thinking, but believe it or not, Natasha was not very skilled in her foreign languages. ;). Being the kind-hearted man that I am, I decided to tutor her and bring her up to speed with the rest of her Spanish lab classmates. That my friends laid the groundwork for this beautiful love story that would commence junior year.

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Once I got to know Natasha outside of bringing her along in Spanish or seeing her in passing at the Fraternity house, I knew that this girl was special. She had a confidence and a way about her that would light up a room and make everyone want to become her best friend. She is an amazing accordionist. In fact, that was one of my favorite things to say when we first started going out. When my friends would tell me they got back together with their girlfriend from high school, I would say “Oh that’s great (in a sympathetic tone). I am dating a World Champion Accordionist.” Natasha just always gave me a way to one-up my buddies on their stories about their significant others. Now even though Tashy may get on my nerves a few times, hit me in her sleep some of the time, and never tell me the plan ALL the time, I could not picture my life without her. She is the most amazing woman I have ever met and I cannot wait for the night of “Beauty and the Peebs” to make her my wife and to be able to share our special night with so many amazing family and friends. Now lets party and add another Peebs to the fold!!! :)

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how they asked

We had been dating for 2 years when he bought the ring.. and nearly 3 when he popped the question. Alex knows my favorite holiday is July 4th, so what better time to plan the proposal than having a party with all of our friends and family. I just thought it was a July 4th party, but it was actually our engagement party. He got all of our friends and family out to the back deck of my parents’ house, but then had to figure out how to get me down to the yard. We had never both stepped foot in my parent’s backyard… ever. So, he asked me if I wanted to go take a look at the elephant ear plant that my dad at bought my mom and was growing in our backyard… I thought it was a little strange but went with it anyway.

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I realized when no one else was following me down the steps that something was going on… and then I saw one of my best friends with her camera. I knew he was going to propose, but I also didn’t want to get my hopes up. So I walked over to where Alex was standing, and he kept fidgeting. I kept asking him what was going on but he still was stalling. He said he needed to ask me something, and pointed up at my friends that were standing on the deck looking down holding signs that read “Will you marry me?” I immediately said YES and he got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I was crying and shaking and all of the emotions. I could not have asked for a better day. The last surprise of them all was when he pointed to the 3rd-floor window of my parents’ house where his entire family from out of town was hiding. I was shocked. He did everything and more to ask me to be his wife and I cannot wait for October 27, 2018.

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