Nataly and Yuri

How We Met

I meet him in January 2017. I signed up for a CrossFit 6-week challange class which I found on facebook. There was an interview process so when I went, he was the one who interviewed me. He was also the owner of the gym. OncI i started working out I texted him about some pain i was having. That’s what started everything. After that we were inseparable. We didn’t tell anyone at the gym until about 4 months into the one had a clue! 5 months into our relationship we moved in together. we are both in love.

how they asked

The day after my birthday my now fiance, told me he wanted to treat me to bed in breakfast. I woke up sick and had to cancel plans with my family so he wanted to make me feel comfortable at home. He told me to get ready since he did plan to record his grand breakfast presentation. I laughed at him thinking it was so cheesy, but didn’t take it seriously since I thought I wouldn’t post this to the world to see! I just woke up! Once he was done with making my food he starts recording. Comes into the room with 2 plates covered and I’m playing along saying woww, look at you. He uncovers the first plate. His eggs and bacon look perfect, so I’m pretty impressed. Then he reaches for the second plate and was like now for dessert, and uncovers a small little box. It still hasn’t processed in my mind… and I just see him get on one knee and ask me to marry me. All I could say was shut up! Haha and of course I said YESS. He completely surprised me. He had this planned for a month. No one knew except the jewelry store.

Proposal Ideas In my bedroom