Natalie and Sam

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How We Met

Freshman year…at an academic fair (sexy, I know). The place was swirling with people eager to meet new friends, and I started talking to this guy in line for the Spanish department. The nerdiest part—we ACTUALLY talked about academics the whole conversation. I walked away thinking, “He’ll never remember me, he’s the type of guy that’s friends with everyone.” Later that day, I learned he was in my dorm; later that month, we were best friends; later that semester, we dated in the dining hall; later in college, we finally put our Spanish to good use and studied abroad together in Granada, Spain. (And don’t worry–we mixed our nerdiness with a big dose of shenanigans along the way.)

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We’ve been best friends from the start. When we moved together to D.C. after graduation to start our next adventure, I knew we were about to start a crazy, spontaneous life. We love to travel to new places, but also love eating fun-shaped pasta on the couch with an Office rerun. We’re passionate about learning from each other.

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how they asked

One of our favorite places in the city is the garden at Dumbarton Oaks, so I wasn’t surprised when he asked if I wanted to go for the afternoon. I’m extremely perceptive and hard to surprise–so looking back on the events of the day, it’s funny to piece together his nervous behavior. We took extra-long to eat brunch, he wore a long sleeve shirt (it was approx. 100 degrees with 200% humidity), he kept mentioning the sunglasses case in his pocket, and we took the long way around the park. When we got to my favorite part of the garden, he turned around and gave me a long hug. That’s when I knew.

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Special Thanks

Alexander Morozov
 | Photographer