Natalie and Josh

How We Met

Josh and I met because of mutual friends. My good friend, Alena, wanted me to meet him really bad. They worked together at a local sports shop. I wanted to take a break from dating so kept telling her that I wasn’t interested. Then as fate would have it, Josh walked into the store I was working at in the mall. I instantly recognized him and introduced myself, thinking he knew who I was also. Well, Josh had no idea who I was. I ended up embarrassing myself by telling him I knew so much about him and came off as a stalker. He laughed it off politely and left the store after purchasing some items. Within a few hours I had several texts and phone calls from my friend who was beyond excited that Josh and I had met. She set us up on a date and then the rest was history.

how they asked

We had decided to plan a little get away trip to Carmel, CA because it’s far enough from home but close enough to make a weekend get away out of it. Josh said that he planned a spa day and dinner the first day that we were there so of course I was excited! What girl doesn’t love a spa day and dinner? The spa day was so wonderful and relaxing! The weather was perfect for Carmel during the day. As we got ready for dinner, the fog started rolling into the valley and it got colder. I brought a light jacket but being a California native, anything under 70 is cold for me. As we were walking to dinner, Josh suggested that we walk down to the beach to walk along the sand because I love the ocean. The closer we got, the colder it became and I made him stop in almost every store front to get a little warmth. As we got to the beach Josh looked alarmed and mentioned how many people were there.

He suggested walking along until we got away from the crowds. We kept walking, and walking, and walking. I kept asking where we were going and I told him that we should probably head back towards the restaurant so that we didn’t miss our reservations. A typically calm and collected person, he seemed a little agitated but agreed that we should head back. As we’re walking back to the restaurant we found a long staircase that took us back up to the sidewalk. As we approached the top of the stairs Josh told me to turn around and look at the view. And boy was it a view! He was on one knee asking him to marry him! With no hesitation I said yes! After all of the excitement I asked him where we were going when we were walking along the beach. And he said that I had mentioned a few years ago that I thought an engagement with just two people present was such a special moment. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect proposal.