Natalie and Brandon

Natalie and Brandon's Engagement in Southampton Beach

How We Met

Brandon and I met in July 2010. Our first date was at a beachside cafe, as I listened to the song “Better Together by Jack Johnson softly playing in the background, I looked over at Brandon and could feel my heart skip. I remember feeling a world of emotions and knowing this must be something special as I was able to actually finish my lunch while we talked like we had known each other for years. We spent the rest of the afternoon at The Beach. It was the best day I had in a while!

With time, we bonded over our love for many things the same- biking around our small town, taking getaways, making Sunday’s “our” day, sharing our love for travel, enjoying Great food, having cozy nights in & fun get-togethers with Friends. Within our first couple of years of dating, we had taken 6 vacations together – Including Spending Christmas in Florida. It such a highlight & one of the moments I knew I wanted to spend every Christmas & Beach day with Brandon.

how they asked

Fast Forward 8 years later and on a Perfect September afternoon at our favorite Beach. Brandon proposed! To be, an US forever. He included that if we weren’t at home or In Florida, South beach was our next favorite spot. We love to watch the sunset or spend days under the sun & on the water, sometimes just taking our chairs and chatting or meeting friends. Brandon couldn’t have made his proposal anymore “us” it was the perfect and most unexpected moment. We celebrated & went to dinner at Our Favorite Restaurant uptown & then went to my parents to share the exciting news! They were thrilled. The next day we made our rounds to his Family & couldn’t wait to start planning our Destination Wedding & Celebration.

Proposal Ideas Southampton Beach

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