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How We Met

How Walker and I met is incredibly untraditional and my parents are probably just going to roll their eyes when they read this. I moved down to school last August to start my freshman year at Utah Valley University. Before I moved down to Utah County I vowed I would not be like the majority of girls here who got married right away (I judged so hard so this is honestly karma) Naturally I went on lots of dates and went to every event put on by UVU. During the first week of school they had the “Week of Welcome” which consisted of a different, fun event everyday. On Wednesday was True Wolverine. True Wolverine is like a real life Tinder party. You go to UVUs pretty fountain courtyard area around midnight and find a stranger or a friend or your loved one and kiss them on the fountain in front of everyone and the camera. I went with a couple girlfriends and let me tell you that one of them actually said “how cute would it be to meet your future husband here” me being me said “you have no standards if you would date someone who would just kiss you right away” little did I know what was coming.

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So I went to this event just to have fun and to say I did it. I also was planning on kissing this other boy but he was being an IDIOT. I left my friend group for a while to just kinda get a break (it was so crowded and getting a little weird). As I was looking for my friends someone tapped my shoulder behind me. This gorgeous, tall, flowy haired, alluring guy was standing right in front of me. I knew exactly what he wanted so I was like screw it let’s get in line, didn’t even say a word. Once we got in line I finally realized I should say something to this kid and so I asked him for his name he said Walker and like the idiot I am I responded with “oh do people call you Runner” and laughed really hard. HE LOOKED SO UNCOMFORTABLE AND IT STILL MAKES ME CRINGE THINKING THATS WHAT MY FIRST IMPRESSION WAS.

Long story short we finally made it up to the fountain and he pulled me in to kiss me and no joke it was like a fairytale, one of those moments where music just starts playing and it start raining and the camera starts spinning around the couple. BEST KISS EVER.

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Afterwards it was way awkward because I didn’t really know how to act. We actually ended up hanging out the night for the longest time. What is funny is we both were hoping it was a one time thing and we would never speak again. Fate taunted us thought because I saw him everyday at school which led to us talking, then to hanging out more, then to dating other people less, then to dating each other, then to falling in love and now engaged. So yes my first kiss was the first night we meet. I could tell the whole story of after True Wolverine to when we started dating but that would take HOURS. Ain’t got time for that. Basically we realized we were meant to be and now we are going to live happily ever after. It’s the greatest.

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how they asked

A couple days ago my friend Mada texted me and my friend Kristen. She asked us to help her with a video project. Her sister and brother in law do videography and they were giving her lessons. Mada asked us to meet her at this cool spot on the lake to get some footage for a video she was making. So today (or if you’re reading this Saturday May 13th) I met up with them at this gorgeous spot on Utah Lake. I can’t even begin to explain how windy and cold it was out there. MY BODY WAS NUMB.

Anywho, it was just us girls and I got way confused because her brother in law was suppose to be there. All three of them covered it up really well so I wasn’t suspicious. I was already getting sorta suspicious because they were acting weird. But if you were at this location it was on this narrow, dirt road and you could hear someone coming up in it from a mile away. So I was like there is no way he’s doing it it would be so obvious so fast. Kristen and I were just walking around the area so they got some shooting for the video. The sun was starting to go down so it was seriously gorgeous. Then they had me walk towards the water as the sun was really setting. I had to walk really slow and it was kinda awkward but I did it anyway. All three girls walked in front of me which made me even more uncomfortable because I was like whatttttt do I do with my body I’m so awkward.

So then I heard footsteps behind me and I was just convinced it was a family that was fishing there. The footsteps got closer and I turned around ready to fight anyone who was coming up to me. But of course in my head I was like NO FREAKING WAY PLEASE BE WALKER. I turned around super fast to check and he was right there!!! My heart dropped and suddenly everything around me (the people, cameras, freaking freezing weather) froze. Literally it was like seeing an angel (ugh love him so much). I started jumping with joy and ended up eating crap (watch the video), which if you know me it’s pretty normal for me to fall or so embarrassing things in moments I shouldn’t. Then he got down on one knee said all that cute stuff and asked me to marry him and I pumped my fist in the air and screamed. And now I’m engaged haha. I’m so happy and I cannot wait to marry this perfect guy!!!

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