Natalie and Skylar

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How We Met

We met 2 months before I graduated high school. One Saturday in May, my dad sent me and my broken down car to a mechanics shop just outside of the small town I grew up in. As it goes in small towns you know people in other small towns around you. I didn’t know the hunk who was helping me out but we had friends in common who knew each of us. Turns out we looked each other up on Facebook after meeting and he got up the courage to message me first. We started dating for about a month but I broke it off for some personal reasons. My dad always taught me that how a guy treats you after you breakup is who he really is, and well, I found out really quick that Skylar was the best of the best. He continued to support me, encourage me, and check up on me and a few months after the breakup I found myself with him again and falling in love, hard.

How They Asked

We had talked about getting married lots. Everyone says we are like an old married couple already. So anyways, crossing my fingers and toes for a ring, I come down the stairs Christmas morning. Trying not to get my hopes up too much because we all know that does no one any good. As we trade gifts with each other and watch the other person open them I see one last big box under the tree. As I start unwrapping I’m finding box after box wrapped inside each other. On each box is a sweet note written on it. Well it comes down to the last box (a ring box!!!) and it’s empty. A note inside saying to turn around and there he is holding the most perfect ring ever.

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