Natalie and Shannon

How We Met: Shannon and I met about 11 years ago, I was 16 and he was 18. My family owns a holiday house up at Lake Macquarie where we spend every christmas break. My twin sister and I love going to Catherine Hill Bay, our favourite beach and it wasn’t long before we met “The local boys.” Shannon was a few years older and owned a car, so as you can imagine my parents were not impressed! We had such a fun friendship and became best friends, it wasn’t long before that connection turned into a relationship.

Image 1 of Natalie and Shannon

For 8 years we managed a long distance relationship and only seeing each other on the weekends. My parents finally warmed up to the idea of Shannon and we are so thankful for their support as Shannon has since moved in with my family and I so that we could work towards saving for our future.

It is now our 10th year together – 10 anniversaries, 10 birthdays, 10 valentines Days, 10 Holidays, and 10 trillion ‘I love you’s’ and we are now engaged.

how they asked: Shannon and I decided to book a spontaneous trip to the Hunter Valley for a weekend away with close friends. We were so excited because we hadn’t been away for some time and were looking forward to a change of scenery.

The Saturday consisted of the boys playing golf while us girls did the wine tasting tours through the beautiful vineyards. We returned to the hotel just after 3pm where we had showers and freshened up for the night ahead.

My twin sister asked me if we could get some photos of us for our business page (we specialise in wedding stationery) so I was all for it! As a group, we all walked down to this gorgeous white gazebo that overlooked a lake and started taking the happy snaps. I started picking up on vibes from Shannon as he became really quiet, I walked over to him and gave him a big cuddle – he started kissing me on the forehead, grab both my hands and started telling me how much he loved me and before I knew it he was down on one knee asking me to marry him!

Luckily for us, my sister was photographing the whole thing so we now have these photos to keep forever.

Image 2 of Natalie and Shannon

Image 3 of Natalie and Shannon

Image 4 of Natalie and Shannon

Image 5 of Natalie and Shannon