Natalie and Scott

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How We Met

Our Story begins on the campus of Youngstown State University. I became friends with students from my freshman class, and Scott’s sophomore class in the University Scholars Program. We met during a weekly Thursday swing dancing night, where Scott asked Natalie to dance with him to “Me and Mrs. Jones.” It wasn’t until five months later that Scott and I reconnected during Relay for Life on campus. Throughout the night, we talked and laughed while walking around the track, and Scott even put on a tutu to impress me! We talked throughout the end of the school year and all throughout the summer. After coming back to school in August, we decided to give our relationship a try. Dating The beginning of our relationship was spent swing dancing on Thursday nights, studying in the dorms, and fitting in meals whenever we could. Nine months into the relationship we decided to take a chance and spend eight days on the road so that I could take my car back to my hometown, Seattle, and Scott could meet my family.

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The road trip was Scott’s first time traveling west of Chicago! We spent the days seeing sights such as Yellowstone National Park and Mount Rushmore, listening to “Pop Psychology” by Neon Trees, and making a music video to “Love is an Open Door” from the Disney movie Frozen. Once we made it to Seattle, I took Scott on a whirlwind 2-week tour of the state including the city, the beach, and the mountains. What a trip! After another summer apart, I told Scott that I loved him on a night in early September. It wasn’t for another 2 months that Scott said it back, but when he did, it meant the world. After spending a little over a year dating, I traveled to Ireland for a semester abroad, and for 5 months our relationship consisted of texting, phone calls, and facetiming whenever we could. This was the end of the extended periods apart. Scott graduated, became head director of bands at David Anderson High School. I graduated soon after and we moved in together in our first apartment, where we now live with our two cats, Shamrock and Baci.

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how they asked

The proposal The proposal came on November 23rd, 2016. After being on Thanksgiving break from school, we went to see “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” with our siblings (Michael, Jake, and Matthew) and future sister-in-law (Megan). After seeing the movie, it was planned to go out to dinner at The MVR, where Scott and I had our first date over 3 years ago. Megan and Michael decided they wanted to take a picture after dinner, and escorted the group across the street to Harrison Field where there was a beautiful gazebo-type structure.

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Megan convinced me to get a picture with Scott after they were done taking their picture, and after a picture was taken, and before I could walk away, Scott got down on one knee and proposed! I was so excited that I almost said yes before Scott asked the question!

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