Natalie and Ryan

How We Met

I just nearly finished a 78 hour work week at Jb-Hi-Fi (local technology retail store). When i saw my friend post a photograph of her and a male friend on social media. I promptly sent her a message to ask who the guy was and what she was doing. My friend quickly replied that it is her friend from singing and they’re shopping. I told her to bring him in to the store but not suspiciously like i wanted to see him. Around an hour later my friend came walking in with a handsome, shy man following behind her. She introduced him as soon as she could, his name was Ryan. From then, she gave the idea that we should all go out together tonight to blow off steam after a long working week, The both of them picked me up at 9pm and we went to a local bar, while my friend found company and people to dance with, Ryan and I sat and talked for hours on end.


how they asked

After my partner left abruptly from lunch at the lagoon, Ryan sent me on an “amazing race”-esque treasure hunt around Wollongong. First to the place we got our first job together, to the place where he first said that “I love you”, our favourite valentines day spot, where I gave him a promise ring, to the place we met and then to the place where my late father rests. It all finished off at Saddleback Mountain, while he was waiting nervously, my family and close friends watched on and he went down on one knee and asked the most nerve-wracking question any man can ask. I said YES!