Natalie and Peter

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How We Met

Natalie says, “Peter and I met online on in October 2014, and we were a 99% match! I noticed that he was a mutual fan of Pastor Tim Keller, so we connected about that in our first messages. Peter was charming and had my attention from the moment I came across his profile, so I was thrilled when he asked me out for dinner. Our first date was on October 9…little did we know what would happen one year later!”

Peter says, “I noticed our anticipated compatibility right away — with common interests in music, guacamole, theology (not to mention her affinity for complete sentences and witty/intellectual discourse!), I knew it would be an incredible match. Plus, she was gorgeous in every picture. So there’s that…”

N: “For our second date (only a few days later!), Peter and I went to Julius Meinl, a coffee shop that has become one of our very favorite spots now – so much so that we took some engagement photos there. Our conversations were fun, interesting, inspiring, and full of laughter. Then, we spontaneously went to Roosevelt University and jammed in a practice room. Playing music together was incredible! I will never forget that fantastic day! Peter got me to play cello again, too. You might think there are 5 love languages….we think sharing music together is another one. After our second date, we probably would not have been surprised to know what would unfold in the coming months…”

P: “Playing music together was magical. Period. I expressed deeply joyous laughter and screams of new-found delight on my car ride home that day.”

N: “A month later, November 8 was a huge highlight of 2014: Peter came to my performance of the Grieg piano concerto with orchestra, met my family after the concert, celebrated with my family and dear friends afterwards, and that evening, Peter asked me to be his girlfriend. It was an amazing day!

Now, almost a year and a half later, I love that peace and joy have consistently be en two strong characteristics of our relationship. That was such an answer to prayer for me. Our shared faith in Christ and our love for music are two huge aspects of our relationship that we delight in, and that will be very apparent in our wedding ceremony.

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how they asked

Get ready for a “storybook proposal,” literally!

Peter says, “Natalie is a superb human being and I wanted her to have the most special of proposal stories; so I wrote one! I kept an online private journal of every interaction we had for the entire year and edited it, printed it, bound it, and presented it to her as “Chasing Sunsets: Adventures in Cars, Conversations, and Commitment” by Natalie Sherer and Peter Schamp. On the final page I had already composed the day’s agenda — “this morning, I woke up early and drove to Bloomington, IL.”

The rest is history (and in the book).

Natalie says, “I was overwhelmed with joy! His proposal was incredible and included the most amazing view of the city by the lake near Adler Planetarium. The fact that he took the time to write and create a handmade book for me with entries about every single date blew my mind. I will never forget the moment when I started reading the last page, dated that day of the proposal. Peter described how he had gotten up early and driven down to Bloomington to talk with my family earlier that day in order to ask for their blessing and explain how he wants to love me like Christ loves the church and kill spiders for me and be companions who grow and change together. He got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?” and I immediately said yes and kissed him and almost forgot about the ring in the moment! He chose the perfect ring, and it was all filmed! Then, Peter planned a surprise party after the proposal! We went to my apartment, and when I opened the door, SURPRISE! My sister Lily and a bunch of our friends were there to celebrate our engagement! Lily stayed with me the whole weekend, which was so meaningful. What a fantastic way to end the proposal night. I’m so thankful for Peter, and we have quite the proposal “story” in more ways than one.

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