Natalie and Or

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How We Met

Or and I met at YCC sleep away camp outside of Montreal 9 years ago. I was a counselor on the younger girls side and he was with the older boys so we never really saw each other. After our second year at camp together I added him on Facebook. Life took us on very different paths but we always found a way to keep in touch from afar. I ended up moving back to New York City after college and Or ended up in Seattle. In 2013 I wished him a happy birthday and told him to “come visit”, he immediately messaged me saying that he was coming in December and we would meet for a drink. After one drink we both knew this was it, he never went back to Seattle.

how they asked

We went to Israel, Or’s hometown and a place very close to my heart, to celebrate his grandmother’s 90th birthday with his whole family. The whole day I was annoying him, saying “you know Israel is the perfect place to get engaged…” Little did I know what he had planned for us that evening. He said we were going to dinner with his friend and he arranged a special evening for us. His sister and mom tried to get me to wear my favorite dress but I ignored them. We arrived at a hotel on the beach where he said we were getting drinks before dinner and rode the glass elevator to the rooftop pool. We arrived on the 30th floor with 360 views of Tel Aviv and the beach, I was so taken back by the views I didn’t notice that there wasn’t anyone on the roof but us, a video camera and a photographer taking pictures of the skyline. Or brought me over to the only table which had one rose on it. I realized what was about to happen, he handed me the rose and told me that this was the final rose (we are big Bachelor fans) and then he got down on one knee…

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