Natalie and Mike's Southern California Beach Proposal

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How we met: Mike and I had both finished up a year overseas, me in Central America, and Mike in the Middle East, last June. In July, we both attended a training for our new jobs. The first night of the conference, a group of us were headed to dinner with our trainer, and it was POURING rain. A cute guy with great blue eyes offered me an umbrella, held open the door for me, and I started to fall for him in an instant.

Throughout the week we hung out in a big group, and Mike says he was always trying to sit by me and talk to me. On the second-to-last day, he asked me on a lunch date, which turned into a rest-of-the-day date! We ate and talked and laughed and just had so much fun together. At the end of the night, he asked if he could hold my hand, and I just remember thinking there was nothing I’d rather do!

The next day, we both headed home to our new jobs- Mike to Chicago, and me to California. We got to visit each other a few times and spend time with our families before Mike made a big move- to the Middle East to study.We’d gotten pretty good at dating through Skype, letters, flowers, gifts, emails, and text messages, somehow making each other feel cared for through the distance. At a time in our lives where neither of us expected to date anyone, let alone fall in love, it was happening! I knew he’d be gone from December to May, which seemed like an eternity! I had no idea that he had started making some pretty special plans for us.

how they asked:¬†Fast forward to February. We’d been apart for 3 months, but both knew we had totally fallen for the other person. The last week in February, one of my friends asked me to hang out with her on Sunday- she’d take me to her favorite place for Sunday brunch! She told me to get dressed up, we’d have a fun girls’ day to celebrate my recent move to Southern California. So I got dressed up and she picked me up after church.

We headed to the beach, put our names in at an awesome restaurant, and she suggested we take a stroll on the beach while we waited for our table. We started walking down the beach, and all the sudden I noticed a guy who looked an awful lot like Mike! I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I just kept walking with Cayla. As we got closer, I realized it was DEFINITELY Mike, and I started freaking out!

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I walked up to him, and the first words out of his mouth was that he loved me, and he flew halfway around the world to tell me that he loved me. As soon as I heard those words, I knew what was coming next! He got down on one knee, asked me to marry him, and we’re pretty sure I said yes! It was pretty hard to concentrate with all the excitement!


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Photos by Camryn Clair Photography