Natalie and Lyndon

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How We Met

At 16 years old, I knew I had met my soulmate. Our meeting was pure luck, but goodness am I glad it happened. Lyndon and I had a mutual friend whose girlfriend, at the time, was my best friend. One Saturday night, they had to all but drag me over to his house because they had someone they needed me to meet. I decided to take the chance so a friend and I drove over to his house to find Lyndon sitting on the couch playing a video game. They really aren’t how I enjoy spending my time, but he was cute so I decided to give it a chance. Later that night we went to drop off my friend at her house and ride around town for a bit before I had to be home (curfews can really ruin a good thing at 16!) As I walked onto my house later that night my parents immediately knew something was up.

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To this day my mom tells me that she had never seen me smile so big. About 2 weeks later, Lyndon asked me to be his girlfriend and immediately told me he loved me even though it might be a little soon. We took our relationship one day at a time, he moved closer to my hometown when he went off to college, and our relationship flourished. In February of 2017, we celebrated our 5th anniversary and although we had been talking about marriage for a while, I would have never imagined that 5 months later that we would engaged!

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how they asked

At the end of June 2017, Lyndon kept asking for me to go on a hike with him. He showed me a picture of where he wanted to go and I immediately knew the spot, it was the Hawksbill Crag, also known as Whitaker Point. It is an extremely well-known hiking spot with a beautiful overlook of a mountain range lined with trees and is a popular spot for out-of-state and in state travelers alike. I had been wanting to hike this spot for years so I jumped at the opportunity! We asked my sister and her boyfriend to join us and decided we would go on July 16, 2017. Early that morning we started the 2 hour drive to the mountain and made the trek to the overlook. We were all laughing having a great time in the beautiful weather we were lucky to have in the middle of July in Arkansas. As we got to the overlook, we met up with more hikers that were equally as excited to see the beautiful view.

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We made our way out onto the point and decided we should take pictures of the gorgeous view! We let my sister and her boyfriend take pictures first and then she told me to stand on the point with my arms out and to just take in the view. As I was doing this, Lyndon grabbed the ring box and walked up to me and asked me to turn around. As I turned, I saw the most gorgeous ring being held by the man of my dreams.

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He told me how much he loved and how he wished to spend the rest of eternity with me. I managed to say yes through the tears and we thought that moment could not get any better. Little did we know, the hikers we had passed had a professional photographer in the group and he had captured the entire moment with the most beautiful view of the rocky point!

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Special Thanks

Zack Santagate
 | Photographer