Natalie and Luis

How We Met: We met in middle school (8th grade). We spend that whole summer together and quickly became best friends. We shared everything together, and did everything together. All throughout high school we were best friends, we were inseparable ! We didn’t started dating until after high school our first year in college.

Image 1 of Natalie and Luis

how they asked: Every year we would go to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in NYC. It quickly became a fun and memorable tradition for us both. I loved the show and I would always tell him that the man who takes me to go watch it is the man I wanna marry. When we went in December I didn’t think it would become the best day of my life thus far. After the show we went downstairs and he asked me if I wanted to take a picture with Santa, I didn’t really want to but I gave in eventually. When the photographer took the picture Santa turned to me and said “I just have to ask what do u want for Christmas? I told him I didn’t know (I just found it weird that he was talking to me lol) he then turned to Luis and asked the same thing and he said ” I really want to marry her Santa but I don’t have a ring” that’s when Santa said ” I know it’s a little early but I got this expressed from the North Pole” as he pulled the ring out from his sleeve ! He then had an after dinner planned in little Italy with all of our family and friends !