Natalie and Kyle

How We Met

Kyle’s twin brother was dating Natalie’s best friend. As sophomores in college both Natalie and Kyle did not want to be in a relationship. However, after lots of convincing Natalie and Kyle decided to go to a fraternity barn dance together without meeting each other. Within the first few seconds of meeting, we hit it off right away. It’s been almost 6 years now and we couldn’t be happier.

How They Asked

After dating for over 5 years Natalie and Kyle were spending a stormy Saturday cuddled up on the couch. Kyle told Natalie he had a surprise date planned and to pray for the rain to stop. Finally, the sun came out and we hopped into an Uber. Natalie who always finds out any surprise Kyle plans, asked all the questions, “Are we going to a concert, a fancy dinner, a baseball game?” However, Kyle didn’t budge. We arrived at a beautiful lake and Natalie spied a Gondola! “I’ve always wanted to go to one!” “Well, it’s your lucky day!” We had the most delicious 3-course meal and a bottle of champagne. All of a sudden our gondola driver began to sing our love story. It was then that Kyle proposed. I said yes at least 10 times.

Natalie and Kyle's Engagement in Irving, TX

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Irving, TX

My heart almost exploded knowing I was going to spend the rest of my life with my best friend! As if that wasn’t a big enough surprise we got off the gondola and Kyle told me the uber was here. However, our “uber” happened to be a hummer limo. As I opened the door I saw all of my best friends that flew in from IL. After the ugly cry, all Natalie could say was “Am I dreaming? How did I NOT figure this out?” It was the best night of our lives and one that we will never forget.