Natalie and Kevin

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How We Met

If 23 years ago, someone would have told me the Cupid skills of my mother and her dear friend Anne would be so precise, I doubt I would have put much stock in it. Yet one year ago, it would be a very fortunate happenstance when my bestie insisted I join her for just 1 drink. There across a crowded room, I glanced up to be greeted by a familiar smile. The sweet boy I had know since childhood now stood before me as a dapper man. Same disarming smile, same twinkle in his eyes and the same ability to make a girl blush. From the moment we locked eyes, I knew this was different. Fast forward through a fairytale year full of countless adventures, endless laughter, late night dance parties, 4am dreaming, unprecedented love, unconditional support, and fierce loyalty. Clearly our mothers really did know best!

His mother and my mother taught together and were great friends many years ago when Kevin and I were 12 and 13. His mother always said, that Mrs. Flynns daughter is pretty cute and he would always respond, “but she’s a year older than me, she’ll never date me.” Her efforts continued into high school as Kevin and I did not attend the same school. She would bring him to places I worked in the mall and pretend that she forgot I worked there. I of course had so much game that I would turn bright pink, clam up and barely find two words to string together.
Sadly, we lost his mother years later to cancer while Kevin and I attended separate universities. We both strongly feel like she worked diligently throughout the years to keep us in touch and put us in front of each other every couple of years. Some said the universe wanted us together but our families believe it was her work.
21 years later, her plan to get us together finally fell into place. We’ve been inseparable ever since.
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how they asked

After being told to pack a bag and being ushered to the airport, I find out he’s whisking me away to New York for the weekend. He knows I believe magic happens during Christmas in NYC and he wants nothing more than to show me just that. We arrive early Saturday to above average seasonal temperatures. If it wasn’t for the twinkle lights lining the trees and carols filling the air, you would have thought it was Spring time in New York. The plans were all laid out, put on your black dress, and be ready by 5pm. Off he swept me to a Broadway show, one of my absolute favourite things to do. Immediately following the show, we bar hop a bit and find ourselves an Irish pub to settle in at for the remainder of the night.

The next day was ladies choice, or so I thought. When the words, ‘Anything you want.’ poured out of his mouth, I felt like a kid in a candy store!! The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, Macy’s window displays, Saks light show, Central Park, the Empire State Building, the One World Trade Center tower, so much to do, so little time. With his clever suggestions and helpful mapping out of events, I believe I’m calling the shots and I couldn’t be more excited to get going. Little did I know my life was about to be forever changed and the real adventure was about to begin. On the eve of December 13th, amidst New York city’s chaos, a tranquil, uninhabited borough, rich with Christmassy aromas and natural beauty, would become the canvas of a timeless love story unfolding. Submerged in the magic and majesty of Central Park, my best friend asked me to marry him. The immediate, resounding YEEEES was easily the most gratifying decision of my life.

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