Natalie and Kenneth

How We Met

Kenneth met me online. He messaged me on a post on Facebook and I thought he had to be a personal trainer. So I asked him to train me.

Image 7 of Natalie and Kenneth

He agreed and I found out he was not a personal trainer. He was a plumber. He just wanted to meet me.

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How They Asked

We both were Christians and loved to go to worship concerts. After knowing each other for two weeks he was taking me home from our date. He kissed me goodnight and looked at me and just like that, popped the question,” Will you marry me?” Without hesitation, I said “YES!” You know, when you know.

We married two weeks later. On the beach at Couer d Alene Lake in jeans and flip flops in the sand. A year later he asked me again on our anniversary and remarried me in the same place. Every year we marry again. I never know when he will pop the question again. I will always marry him again.

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