Natalie and Joseph

How We Met

We met 12 years ago through mutual friends. Prior to us meeting in person, he attempted to ask for my number on MySpace but I told him I don’t give my number out to strangers lol (I was obviously playing hard to get.) Our mutual friends had set us up on a date without us knowing and we ended meeting each other at a gas station. From there we went to his house where I met his mom, little brother, and stepdad. Later that night we went to the movies and from that day forward we became friends. 1/1/2008 we decided to make it officially. We were in love, we saw each other every day if not every night lol. Soon after we made it official I was pregnant with our first son LilJoey who was not. 11/7/2008. Our lucky baby. Like any other young couple who was forced to grow up fast, we had our difficult times throughout the first few years which now realizing have prepared us for our second son Jovahni who was born 7/4/2016 our firecracker baby! We have shared so many first time experiences and best moments in life together I wouldn’t want it any other way!

How They Asked

I always wanted to go to Hawaii, ever since I was a little girl. I always heard people talk about it and show pictures. I always of thought of Hawaii as this Beautiful, Amazing place full of beaches and flowers! For my 30TH Birthday, I made it a priority for us to go to Hawaii. I told Joey months ahead of time so that way we could start planning early. For months we were searching for hotels, rental cars, and flight tickets. Finally, the day came for us to leave and it was more Beautiful and Amazing than any picture I ever saw. We stayed out there for 4 nights, 5 days. We parasailed, we drove to every beach we could drive too, we walked the strip late at night, we ate at all these nice restaurants, and we enjoyed a Luau. It was the best trip of my life!

I felt accomplished and blessed to have been able to go on a vacation to a place I’ve always wanted to go all awhile to enjoy my 30th Birthday. I couldn’t ask anymore. I was happy with just that! Soon as we got back from our trip Joey asked if I wanted to go to the Cheese Cake Factory for dinner. I told him sure as long as it’s early so that I still have time to meet my mom to pick up the kids from her. Before going to Cheese Cake Factory he told me he had to stop by somewhere first. I didn’t think anything of it I was in the car on my phone not paying attention. He called me a couple of minutes later and said babe can come in real quick and I said, “ for what? Where are we!?” he said “just come in please” Soon I walked in the building all my family and friends yell surprise! I was so in shock.

I was expecting it all! I already went to Hawaii and had the vacation of my life I wasn’t expecting a full-blown surprise party! But of course I was so happy and felt even more blessed and loved to have had him and my family plan a surprise Sip & Paint 30th birthday party! Everything was set up so nice. They had the Dj in the back playing music, food, a big birthday cake! It was so beautiful! I still had no idea he was going to propose. I just thought it was a surprise 30th Birthday Party but this whole time Joey had planned to propose in front of all our family and friends and I had no idea! So Before I blew out the candles, in my mind I already had a speech planned out. I was going to tell everyone how Blessed I am to have such a beautiful, Loving family and I’m so grateful for them putting a surprise 30th Birthday party together for me and I love them all! But before I could even get the words out, I turned around to see him on his knee, everyone screaming and the signs that read “will you marry me? “MARRY ME!” Words can’t even describe how overwhelmed with love and happiness I felt!

I was so in shock. It was one surprise after the next. All I could do was cry and hug him. I looked at him and saw his tears, I always knew it was True love and this is everything I always wanted! For him to have planned this all this time and me not suspect a thing! It’s amazing! Even the paint host was in on it, lol she had everyone paint pictures of a woman who had familiar features to me but I didn’t think nothing of first but after the proposal when I went back to my painting she wrote “wifey material” on it and now I know that she wanted me to paint myself with a crown on my head because she knows that I’m a Queen! This was the best birthday of my life! and “that’s how he proposed.

Special Thanks

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