Natalie and Jonathan

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Jon and I met serving meals to a very poor community in our city. I was dressed way down and my hair was in a bun on the top of my head. When I saw him come up, I immediately thought, “great, the day I look like crap is the day a cute guy would show up.” For weeks he came and didn’t say a single word to me. Once I thought he was making his way over to say hi and at the last minute he turned to someone else and struck up a conversation. I was stumped as to why he hadn’t talked to me yet and finally I got tired of waiting. One week I marched right up to him and introduced myself. After that, we still didn’t talk much and I just figured he probably wasn’t interested. One week I was given his number to text him and make sure we had everything we needed to serve. We began texting and never stopped. After too many conversations to count he finally admitted he was too afraid to talk to me because he wasn’t good at talking to pretty girls. *blush* The rest was history. Our relationship was founded on serving others and a friendship blossomed from there.

After a year of dating Jon, he and his brother approached me and told me that his brother was planning to surprise his wife with a new ring for their anniversary. He wanted my help designing it to make sure it was perfect. I was so excited he asked me to be a part of it, and I immediately began digging around on Pinterest to see what she might like. Every suggestion I brought him he would ask me, “But what do YOU think.” Together we created the most perfect ring that ever existed. Each step along the way he asked my opinion on every little detail, insisting that I would know better that he would. When the ring was finished I’ll admit I was a little jealous. It was gorgeous and pretty much my dream ring. The hardest part would be waiting for him to give her the ring, as I’m not a very patient person. I waited for MONTHS! Every time I saw him I asked when it would happen and he would just wink and say, “soon enough.”

Finally after about 3 months the whole family was taking a trip to Lake Arrowhead, CA and I knew this must be when he was going to give her the ring, as he was rarely able to get off work to come on our trips. All day on Saturday I waited anxiously. Around 3pm Jon asked me if I’d like to go hiking. I was a little irritated he wanted to pull me away because I didn’t want to miss the special moment when it happened. I expressed this to him but he insisted we should go and that I wouldn’t miss a thing. We set off to go hiking and found a gorgeous trail. After hiking for a while we found a giant rock and Jon wanted us to climb to the top to enjoy the view. Once at the top he pulled out a book and handed to me. I’m a lover of books so I was very excited to see what book it was but once I opened it and saw it was blank I looked at him confused. He took my hands, looked at me and said, “this is the story we will write together for the rest of our lives.” I was extremely touched by the gesture but still had no idea what was coming. Then he dropped to one knee and pulled out THE RING I had helped create and asked me to marry him. Even more confused at this point I said, “Wait WHAT?!” Jon explained that he wanted to make sure the ring was exactly what I wanted and what better way to do that then have me create it myself. He wanted me to still be surprised (I am NEVER surprised) so he and his brother created the fake anniversary gift story to throw me off. I immediately started bawling and I think I said yes at some point, but I just couldn’t believe that this ring was mine and the man of my dreams, my best friend, was choosing me for the rest of our lives. We all had a good laugh about it when we got back to the group and I am still in shock he pulled off the proposal without me knowing even a little bit that it was coming. He continually surprises me day in and day out and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

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