Natalie and Jonathan

Where to Propose in Family Christmas party

How We Met

Jonathan is a doctor and I am a nurse at a local Richmond, VA hospital. I had just started working in the Intensive Care Unit and he had just started his residency program and one day he walked into my patient’s room in the intensive care unit and it was just love at first sight connection for me. I mean just instantly I knew I had to know him and be with him. We became friends, but the timing wasn’t right for us to date. Fast forward 3 years and we started dating and now we’re engaged!! He’s my real-life McDreamy.

How They Asked

What a December to remember! I have known for quite some time that Jonathan is the one for me; so I’ve been anxiously awaiting this proposal over the past two and a half years since we started dating. A little back story to the proposal is I got a pandora ornament years ago that has an opening where you can put something inside the ornament; so every day since we put the tree up at our home this year I’ve been looking to see if there is some bling in there! On December 14th, Jonathan’s family had their annual Christmas party and to my surprise, he stole the ornament from our house and put it on the tree at his family home and in front of his family and my family he took my rock out of that ornament and he proposed!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Family Christmas party

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Family Christmas party