Natalie and Jacob

How We Met

Jacob is honestly the most mysterious and charming man I have ever set my eyes on. We met by chance at the country club my parents had just started running. It was 2012 and I had just graduated high school and the country club my parents recently were employed by was having a “Grand Re-Opening” party. My mom who helps my step-dad manage the country club had told my step-dad to look into hiring a bartender from the bartending school in Little Rock, AR. They shockingly were about to graduate a group and Jacob was one of the best in the class and was from the same town where the country club is! So they offered him the job and his first night was the grand re-opening party. My best friend Hannah and I came to the party and were so intrigued by his mysteriousness. However, I assumed I was too young for him and blew it off. He admittedly said he thought I was so beautiful the first time he saw me.

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After this first encounter, I went on with life as a freshman in college. Through out my first semester my mom, who was constantly at the country club, would send me pictures of her and Jacob hanging out or send me texts of how great of a guy he was and how I should be more interested in him. THEY were truly best friends before I even imagined dating him!!

The night of New Years Eve 2012 there was a party at the country club. I was in Kansas City with Hannah celebrating with her when my mom texted me a picture of Jacob with a mask of some sort on. I said “awe, I wish he was my new years kiss.” WELL, she took that and ran with it and told Jacob what I said!

When I returned back to Arkansas, I started working at the country club for the second semester of my freshman year. On one of the first days I worked it was freezing and terribly slow, as no one wanted to golf! Jacob came in to drink coffee and we were the only two people there. We talked for a while together and laughed and there were immediate sparks. He stayed all day with me at work and later on that evening he said “So when are you going to let me take you out?” My heart DROPPED!! I was not expecting that and I had hardly ever even been asked on a real date before! I really laughed awkwardly and didn’t answer.

Later my mom came to the club and Jacob told her that he had asked me out and I didn’t respond!! She invited him over for dinner that night and the rest is history. We used that exact day as our anniversary date, January 7th, because there was no denying the immediate connection we had.

We started living together after 4 months of dating and started our lives together. We have had SO many adventures in the past 3 years!

how they asked

Jacob surprised me with a trip to New York City for our 3 year anniversary present! I had been telling him that I would love to go and that it would be beautiful during Christmas time. We left on Christmas evening and got there that night. We spent the first couple of days hand-in-hand exploring the city together and truly just enjoying our moments together. Our last full day we had planned to visit Central Park, as Jacob is way more into wildlife than the big city life! I knew he would love it.

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I asked if he wanted to visit in the morning so we could get to do other things in the afternoon, but he insisted that we arrive in central park in the afternoon. We went to Grand Central Station to take the subway to Central Park and got there around 2:30pm. He said he had something planned for 3pm and I was very curious to know what it was! He insisted that I stop asking questions and just let him surprise me. I asked him after we did what he had planned if we could do the horse drawn carriage ride through Central Park and he said yes. I was ecstatic!

As we were waiting for 3pm by the gold William Tecumseh Sherman monument I asked to snap some selfies and try and enjoy the bitter cold while we waited! As soon as this moment was over I turned around to see a majestic horse drawn carriage and a man with a top hat and suit driving! Jacob said our ride is here and I was so giddy like a child!

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Our carriage took us on a 30 min ride through Central Park and our driver told us about all the symbolic places in the park as we went. We were cuddled up under the blanket and enjoying our romantic ride together. The driver stopped and said we could walk around to see the symbolic Bow Bridge. We got out and walked down to the lake and took our time looking around.

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As we made our way over the bridge we snapped some pictures and hugged and kissed. Jacob turned to me and held me and said “I love you so much baby” and I knew right then what was about to happen!! I immediately broke out into tears.

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As Jacob started to tell me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me I heard a camera shutter going 90 a minute and was shocked to see someone taking pictures of us!! I at first thought it was just a really nice citizen snapping pictures for us, but later found out that Jacob hired him!!

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The girls face in the background says it ALL!!!

It was seriously like a movie when Jacob got on one knee and proposed. A little man had brought his accordion out and as he said “Will you marry me?” he started playing the most romantic music in the background (Jacob didn’t plan this one, it was fate!!) Everyone around clapped and congratulated as I bawled in happiness and shock. I can’t wait to spend eternity with the love of my life & soulmate.

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