Natalie and Greg

how they asked

We had been dating for over 7 years after meeting in college and had discussed getting married recently so I was anxious about the engagement. Meanwhile, I had surprised him with a trip to Fort Lauderdale for his birthday and only gave him 3 weeks notice that we were going. I didn’t suspect much because we also had a trip to Italy coming up and thought it would happen there. We arrived and on the first day the weather was terrible. There were 20 MPH winds and it was pouring rain. He kept disappearing and I thought something was up but he told me he had “bathroom issues”. Nothing happened, and I thought that if it was going to, it’d be on the first day so when that came and went, I gave up and the next morning and tried to enjoy my vacation. That afternoon while we were drinking coronas we snuck into the pool, he told me we were going on a boat in an hour. I started panicking and ran to the room to get ready.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Fort Lauderdale

He was vague about what to wear beside a bathing suit top so I didn’t put on make up and my hair wasn’t done because I assumed we were going swimming. He led me to a marina where a 50 foot yacht picked us up for a private charter. We drove around for an agonizing two hours on a mansion tour (it was beautiful, I was just nervous) and ended up at Sunset Bay, eating snacks on the bow of the boat. He finally told me he had something for me and pulled out a photo album of our 7 years together for us to look through.

Natalie and Greg's Engagement in Fort Lauderdale

Then, as the sun was setting, he got down on both knees and asked me to marry him with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. It was the best moment of my life! Then we went out to a fantastic dinner on the water where he told me all about how the weather put off his plans and how stressed he had been. Our awesome yacht captain Barry gave us a ride back to our hotel where, instead of getting celebratory drinks, we immediately fell asleep. The next morning, our yacht picked us up again and took us down to Miami so we could properly celebrate.