Natalie and Giovanni

How We Met

Giovanni and I first met when my cousin, who is his friend, invited me out for a night of salsa dancing. We first met up at a friend’s house where I was warned that Gio was a “hugger” and to expect a hug upon us first meeting. They were sure to warn me because they knew I am not the “hugging” type. Sure enough, when he walked in he reached out his arms for a hug. My first thought when I saw him was that the short guy knew how to dress well. We all left for the salsa club and before I could even sit down, Gio asked me for a dance. We haven’t gone a day without talking since. Natalie and I first met when we went out salsa dancing a few years ago. When I was told by my friend that she was going to be there, I began to smile and wonder what would come of this night. When I first laid eyes on her, I could not help but see how beautiful she was and her very gorgeous smile. I knew I was in for a special night. We got to the Salsa club and I didn’t even let her sit down, we danced the night away! It’s quite funny because before I even met Natalie, I told my friend, who is her cousin, “Don’t be surprised if I marry your cousin”. And here we are! A few years later, I am marrying my best friend. From that first night dancing, laughing, and smiling, we hit it off and I could not be a happier man!

How They Asked

Gio proposed to me at the Art Museum steps. I was somewhat suspicious because we watch the Eagles game each week with my family and on the day of the proposal, Gio wanted to watch the game at a restaurant because his friends were visiting. Needless to say I was not happy about the change and was even more upset when his friends wanted to stop at the Art Museum after church while the game was on! But I was trying my best to be a good girlfriend and kept my comments to myself while we drove to the steps. When we arrived, everyone else in the car jumped out before I could even ask if I could stay and listen to the game on the radio. But again, I was being a good girlfriend and went with it. Gio’s friends walked past the Rocky statue which confused me because I thought that’s what they wanted to see. At that moment I became suspicious. However, when they began going up the steps they wanted to run up them like in the movie and then I thought that they were truly just being tourists. Gio and I walked behind and Gio asked me if I wanted to run up the steps too. Naturally I said no, I’ll walk and as we walked up I began to see members of my family and his family huddled together. It was at that moment that I knew the proposal was happening! Our families screamed so loud I never heard Gio ask me to marry him! I couldn’t believe I was engaged and had to get used to the weight of the ring on my left hand! I kept shaking my hand around saying, “It feels so heavy!” It was an unforgettable moment and luckily my nails were done! So I didn’t propose until October, but I had been planning this proposal since August!! First, I had to think of where to set up the whole thing. Natalie loves the city skyline so I began to think of different places that housed a great city skyline… and where else than the top of the Art Museum steps *Queue the Rocky Theme Song*!! I then had to find a way to get her family, my family, and our friends there without her knowing… probably the toughest task! We left church that Sunday and I told Natalie that we should go watch the Eagles game in Center city! My best friends pretended they were going to do some touristing running up the steps. They ran up and Natalie and I walked behind. We got to the top of the steps and she was surprised and smiling and happy! It was truly one of the best days of my life!

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