Natalie and Gabriel

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How We Met

Four years ago is when our love story unfolded. We worked together for 1 year and never said a word to each other but I knew on our first date he was the one.

On our first date, he turned the radio down and confessed he had been crushing on me for months! He began telling me everything I would say in the conference room out-loud. He said he knew I was addicted to Bahamas Bucks, that I hated the show The Office (crazy, I know), and even that I had a little brother who was a soccer star. I was a tad creeped out that he knew all this yet I admired that he had paid attention to every detail.

Since then, Gaby has become my best friend. We’ve spent endless nights making each other laugh till we cry, hours upon hours talking about life and our future, what our kids’ names will be, exploring different cities, reading the Bible together, and binge-watching Disney movies. He even still opens the car door for me every single time. The best part is he’s never let a day pass without reassuring me how much he loves me. I’m so grateful & blessed God gave me such a selfless caring gentleman. I wish everyone could find the happiness Gaby has brought me.

Fast-forward to January 11th, 2020, Gaby asked my mom for permission for my hand in marriage. Not only did he record my mom’s reaction, but he also videotaped his parents’ response to the news as well. Gaby also documented each step of the proposal process: picking out and picking up the ring and the days leading up to the proposal.

The day had come. On Sunday, February 2 I woke up to a hand-written note delivered by my mom from Gaby. It stated how much he loved me, to get ready and that he would see me soon!

As soon as I was done getting ready I walked downstairs and my mom proceeded to place a blindfold around my eyes as well as insert earphones. As soon as the music began to play, I realized it was a playlist of all of our love songs. The tears began flowing! I was then placed into a car (later to find out it was my cousins) and I was headed to my unknown destination. When we arrived, my cousins walked me to our final stop and took off each earphone & then finally unraveled the blindfold.

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How They Asked

As I looked up, I couldn’t even begin to describe the view. There were flowers lined up on the right and left side, creating a walkway while Gaby stood at the distant end. I was surrounded by a garden of beautiful trees and flowers. I was speechless. It was everything I could have ever imagined. I felt like I was on The Bachelor! Later I found out Gaby searched to find a view and set up as similar to a bachelor proposal as possible (MY ALL TIME FAV SHOW!)

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As I walked down the pathway leading up to gaby, emotions of excitement, gratitude, and tenderness filled my heart. I was walking down to my future husband, father of my future children, and Christian leader for my future household. As he grabbed my hands, he delivered the most thoughtful and perfect proposal!

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As soon as the ring slipped on my finger I heard cheering right behind me, only to find both of our families there sharing the best moment of our lives with us. His parents, my mom, and step-dad, our siblings, and my cousins were all there. Gaby even made sure my little brother came home from college to be there for the big day. We ended the day celebrating as a big family. I thank God for this man and couldn’t think of a more perfect thoughtful proposal.

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