Natalie and Ed's Adorable Rainy Day Proposal


How We Met: Natalie and I went to high school together. However, we did not associate with each other while we were there. We were so involved in our academics and sports at that time. It wasn’t until I started coaching high school football at our Alma mater in 2011 with a mutual friend who happens to be cousins with Natalie’s best friend, that things would begin. He would always hang out with his cousin and Natalie. When I found this out, and discovered there was a mutual attraction, I had to ask our mutual friend to ask Natalie if it were okay if the friend would give me her number so that I can call or text her sometime. She said yes, and the rest is history!”

how they asked: The day started with me telling Natalie that I had to go into work for a staffing in-service. While that was going on, two of her best friends were planning the day for her “birthday dinner”. I had given Natalie a gift certificate so that she could get a manicure and pedicure, I told her it was because we were leaving for Cancun in a few days. That was only half true. Her friends picked her up and they went to get their nails done. They told her that they would be taking her out to dinner later that day and that she needed to wear one of her favorite dresses. Natalie thought she was on her way to dinner. I had given her friend a letter for Natalie to read on her way there, to distract her a bit. Her friends drove her to the place I would be proposing, which was on the dock in Downtown Annapolis. They had her close her eyes as they tried to guide her to me in the pouring rain.


Once she was in front of me, her friends persuaded her to open her eyes. I was standing there while 11 of our closest friends surrounded. I said a few words, and as I struggled to get the box out of my back pocket, I dropped down to one knee.






I asked her to marry me, and her response was, “Okaaayyyy”, but she proceeded with a “YES!!” Even with the rain, everything was a success!”












Photographer: Madison Short Photography 
Photographer’s Assistant: Tricia Oxford Photography