Natalie and Dominic

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How We Met

We were next door neighbors when we were teens. I used to peek out my window and see him doing yardwork and I’d find an excuse to go outside and talk to him! I was completely head over heels since the minute I met him and finally got the courage to ask him for his number and then I eventually asked him on our first date to a local baseball game at the Grizzlies Stadium in our hometown of Fresno, Ca. On that first date, my feelings for him grew and I knew instantly that he was the one for me. Once we mutually decided to be together, he told me he needed to ask my mom for permission to date me. His manners have always been an attractive trait to me. From then on, we were inseparable. It’s been 12 years and I still look at him with stars in my eyes. He is truly my best friend and soul mate.

how they asked

It was a rainy day on January 7th 2017. He called me saying that he got us free tickets to a comedy show. So I got off work and went home to get dressed up because we hadn’t been on a date in a while. So I get dressed up and head over to his house and I notice he’s very dressed up! He looked so handsome! He says that we needed to drive to the Grizzlies Stadium to meet a friend to pick up the free tickets. So we drive there, we walk into the empty stadium and I see a woman that greeted us and I didn’t think much of anything. He asks me if I want to walk down to the middle of the baseball field, so I said sure. We walk down in the middle of the baseball field and he starts talking about how our first date was at this very place 12 years ago and then I realized what he was about to do and his speech began and the next thing I know, he’s on his knee with this gorgeous ring, asking me to marry him. Of course I say yes and he then explains that the woman I saw when we walked in was a photographer he hired and she captured the entire thing! I was in complete shock and overwhelmed with happiness! He planned for the photographer to take our engagement pictures, so we had a small session and then he told me he had reservations for dinner for us and he drove me to one of our favorite restaurants and when we showed up our entire family was there! We spent the evening with our favorite people, celebrating our special day. And now this year on October 6th, 2018, we will be husband and wife!

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Special Thanks

Marla Ortiz
 | Photographer