Natalie and Danny

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How We Met

Danny and I connected through a dating app in September 2016 while he was visiting New York and I was living in Brooklyn. When I was served his profile, I saw that he had already viewed mine and “Super Liked” it. I could tell from his profile that he was most likely British, a very good soccer player, and extremely handsome. Needless to say, I swiped right. About an hour later, he sent me a message. And not just any message – a message that I immediately took a screenshot of and will keep forever. He wrote, “Hi Natalie, you gorgeous soul…when we getting married?” He also included a GIF of Jack and Rose “flying” at the edge of Titanic.

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Little did he know, I had a mild obsession with Titanic when it came out during my freshman year of high school and saw it about six times in the movie theater. I knew it was a sign. We went on to have a lovely first conversation. I confirmed that he was indeed British, extremely funny, and very genuine. We even swapped phone numbers and moved the convo from Tinder to Whatsapp. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet in person right away as he flew back to England the very next day. But we kept in touch. Over the next few weeks, we texted frequently, got to know one another, and quickly realized that there was something special between us. In time, we started talking on the phone, sometimes for hours and about anything and everything. But we never FaceTimed or Skyped. I wanted to make sure that when we finally got to see each other, it wouldn’t be from behind a screen.

That time would come in early December when Danny flew back to New York. It was the day after my birthday and I met him outside my Brooklyn apartment. Once I saw him in real life, with his bright blue eyes, adorable laugh, and navy wool coat, I became sure that he was the one. We already knew we shared the same values and could get along and laugh together; once we added in the chemistry, everything else just fell into place. The week in New York was perfect, from ice skating at Wollman Rink to frozen hot chocolates at Serendipity to meeting my parents in my hometown. Saying “I love you” came so naturally for us. New York was followed up by a week in England right after Christmas, where I was able to meet his family, see where he grew up, and fall more in love.

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It was also there that we decided that we wanted to spend our lives together…

how they asked

Danny moved to New York at the end of January and officially proposed on March 18th, exactly six months and one day after we matched on Tinder. It was a cold, rainy day in the city. We were strolling through Grand Central Terminal and Danny led me down a walkway towards the Whispering Dome, a passageway outside the iconic Oyster Bar Restaurant. As we approached, I heard a man with a trombone begin to play our song: “This Year’s Love,” by David Gray. Before I knew it, we were in the middle of the passageway and Danny got down on one knee.

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I don’t remember everything he said in that moment, but I know he ended with: “Make me the happiest man in the world and be my wife.” Of course, I said yes. By then, a small crowd had developed around us and they began to clap and cheer.

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Danny put the beautiful ring on my finger and we danced to the rest of the song right there in the middle of the Dome. It was just magical.

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Soon, we walked over to the trombone player to say thank you.

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It was then that I learned that his name was Benny and Danny had met him a few weeks prior while he was playing in the subway. Danny had started talking with him and eventually asked him to be a part of the plan. Benny told us that he was so honored to be asked and had put on his best suit for the occasion.

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As Benny played a few final notes, a server came out of the Oyster Bar and ran over to us saying, “Excuse me, excuse me!” My initial thought was that we were being asked to leave, but she simply wanted to tell us how touched she was and how everyone inside was crying as they watched Danny’s romantic gesture. Then, the server, who we now know as Karen, invited us inside for a champagne toast on the house.

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It was the perfect ending to the most New York moment I’ve ever experienced.

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Before heading home, we enjoyed dessert back at our spot, Serendipity.

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Since that day, Danny and I had a small wedding ceremony in Manhattan on April 14th…

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and we’re expecting a baby girl in September!

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P.S. We found out the gender of our baby at the wedding! See the video here. It was really fun :)

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