Natalie and Dalton

how we met

We met in high school whenever we ran around with the same group of friends. I was good friends with his high school girlfriend and he was good friends with my high school boyfriend. He honestly wasn’t my favorite person because he always picked on me and knew how to press my buttons. Now, I know why.. Everybody kind of went their separate ways after high school but we would see each other every now and then at parties or the bars. A couple of us old friends started going to the local bar on Thursdays and Dalton would be there. One of my friends say have you and Dalton ever tried dating because there is definitely some chemistry there. So, we started doing things together by ourselves and it was like everything I ever needed was always right there in front of me.

how they asked

So, I knew about the ring because I found a receipt. No, I was not snooping. I was driving his truck to work one day and went to put on my mascara and a receipt fell out of the visor and I looked at it and it was from Kays and it was a bridal set. After that, I could not stop thinking about it. That was in October and Dalton did not propose until the next October. We never went and looked at rings together but he had showed me a few that he knew I liked so I did not know what the ring looked like but it was so hard knowing. He knew that I knew too. I will say thing over and over, I wish that I wouldn’t have known because it wasn’t such a surprise to me. And I hope that that doesn’t happen to anybody else because it didn’t necessarily ruin it but just wasn’t as surprising. We bought a house and the weekend we moved in our friends were over and we were sort of celebrating in the garage that night and I could tell something was up because he was just acting kind of nervous. Us girls were sitting down and all the guys were standing outside and all of sudden he just came over and at that point of his walking over smiling I knew what was happening and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was so us and I couldn’t imagine him asking me to marry him any other way. We’re both pretty simple people and it was perfect.

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