Natalie and Connor

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I met Connor on a service trip in the Dominican Republic. We were in the same small group the whole week but certainly did not pay each other much attention. After the trip, we had a group reunion and that’s when I knew he liked me. But I didn’t like him quite yet. We went on a date. And I still didn’t give him much thought. after a few unanswered messages, he gave up on me. But about 9 months later, first day back at school from winter break, and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I spent a week slyly trying to convince friends to “drop by” his fraternity house and subtly asking mutual friends what he was up to (Although I don’t think I was as subtle as I thought). But nevertheless, after another week or two I managed to wear him down. It wasn’t love at first sight, or second or third… but it’s turned out to be something way more than I thought I would ever in my life find.

how they asked

I decided to propose at my family cabin on Hood Canal in Washington State. Natalie and I have some of our best memories up there and it is easily my favorite place on earth (not to mention one of the most beautiful). The day before the proposal, I met my sister, Emma, up at the cabin to help me with the big day. I told her how I wanted to do it, and we figured out the details to make it go smoothly. It was also helpful for us to figure out the lighting for her to capture the moment. Emma enjoyed a night to herself up there as I headed back to Seattle. The next day, I took Natalie to a nice restaurant in Pike Place Market so she would be dressed up for the proposal. After a delicious lunch, we hopped on the ferry and headed across Puget Sound towards the cabin.

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Once we arrived, I asked Natalie to come with me out to the deck that overlooks the water. We rounded the corner and saw a bunch of rose petals and candles lining a path to the far end of the deck. Natalie froze when she saw it all. We walked through the decorations that Emma beautifully laid out and then I popped the question!

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Natalie’s face was priceless. She had absolutely no idea and thought I was still about a year out from proposing. We once went on an overnight backpacking trip when on the hike out Natalie slipped and fell on some rocks, and then hiked 6 miles out with a bloody and bruised elbow, not shedding a single tear. She’s not a big crier, but she couldn’t stop crying and laughing. It was awesome.

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Emma took off and Natalie and I enjoyed one of the most incredible winter sunsets I’ve ever seen at the cabin. After a night to ourselves, we headed back to Seattle in the morning. I told her I promised her parents we would swing by their house on the way home to say hi and show them the ring.

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When we arrived, Natalie walked through her front door to a house full of our family and close friends. More tears from Natalie. Again, the look on her face when she saw everyone was my favorite part. We spent the day celebrating in the company of all our loved ones. That weekend, from the lunch, to the cabin, to the surprise party… it was just perfect. I finally get to marry my person.

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