Natalie and Conner

how we met

I met Conner in high school over six years ago. We had math class together and I would occasionally ask him for help with the homework questions, even though I secretly knew how to do them.

how they asked

I love our proposal story, because I realize how oblivious I really am and how good Conner is at planning. Conner and I had planned a cruise to “celebrate his college graduation”, or at least that’s what I thought it was for. We were taking a cruise out of Miami and traveling to the Bahamas and Cuba. It all started at the airport, Conner’s carry-on bag got stopped by security. I was standing nearby thinking, “no big deal, he probably left his water bottle in there or something.” Meanwhile, Conner is acting very strange and nervous. While security was digging through his bag he kept telling me to “look out the window at the planes”. I was so confused because I had already peaked at the plans, what more is there to see? Little did I know that he had the engagement ring in his bag with a note on it that said “Engagement ring, please be discrete.” Luckily, he made it past that situation without me noticing anything. So we get on the plane , everything is normal, Conner is having a few cocktails up there so I think now is my chance. I started bugging him about when he was finally going to propose and that I just wanted to know a time range. Again, little did I know it would be that night. So then we land in Miami and we had planned to meet up with my brother, (who had an internship there) for dinner. At dinner I realized they were both acting strange. At one point I asked Conner why he was hardly talking and acting weird. Eventually, we finish dinner and decide to walk to this park nearby. We get to the park and it has a little art museum next to it. The museum says “Eternity Now” on it in neon lights, which was just a neat coincidence. Finally, Conner got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was the best moment of my life.

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