Natalie and Colt

How We Met

Colt and I went to college together and didn’t meet until my Senior year and his Junior year. We hit it off right away and immediately knew we wanted to be together. After college, I accepted a job traveling for the year while Colt finished up his senior year. We challenged the odds and made the distance work. Sometimes it was months before we got to see each other, but each day we fell more and more in love. We spent the first year of our relationship more apart than together. Although it had challenging times, it really made us stronger.

Natalie's Proposal in Ohio

How They Asked

I set up a Christmas picture photo session with a photographer and little did I know Colt contacted her as well. We started the session taking pictures on our porch with our dog. The photographer mentioned she got a new lens for her cancer and wanted to take more pictures of us to play around with it. We went to the woods across the street and started taking pictures. The whole time Colt was shaking and saying that he was just cold.

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The photographer mentioned a certain photo she wanted us to stage where I was in the front looking one way and he was to my side looking the other way. I had no idea the photographer had the ring and handed it to Colt whenever she was setting us up.

She took a few pictures and then told us we were done. When I turned around, Colt was on one knee and his voice was so shaky. He asked me to marry him and I couldn’t even process what had just happened. We both cried and hugged and that moment will always stay so close to my heart!

Special Thanks

Tricia Richards
 | Photographer