Natalie and Brady

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How We Met

Brady and I met 7 years ago while I was at a party that I don’t really remember (oops!), but flash forward a year and I was in my first year of University – two provinces away from home and with no one I knew besides my sister. This is where things really happened. I was sitting in a lounge between classes when this guy comes up to me and says, “so you must be the last Cuthbert.” It was true, both my older brother and sister had gone to the same University and both knew Brady before I did. He had no reason to come over to me that day but that attraction I felt for him grew from that moment on.

It wasn’t for another 5 months that we would start to hang out on our own and pretend no one else knew what we were up to. As young adults we acted like teenagers as I would sneak out away from my roommates and go on a drive with him in the middle of the night, little did I know they caught on before I had that chance to tell them. We fell in love very fast and that love still grows everyday. Because I was at school two provinces away, we spent half of the next 5 years together in a long-distance relationship. It tested out ability to communicate and grow with one another in our relationship. Many many many handwritten letters, care packages, and FaceTime phone calls later – he popped the question.

Brady and Natalie, March 2011.

how they asked

Brady is the love of my life and throughout our 5 year long-distance relationship I would often find myself knee deep making memories that always surrounded baseball; it’s his true passion. But on April 21, 2016 when I was visiting him in Saskatoon from my hometown on Vancouver Island, he told me his ball practice was cancelled, I couldn’t decline his offer to play catch. Little did I know, there was never a ball practice. This would be the moment I’d remember for the rest of my life! I talk a lot with too many details and this day was no exception. As we played catch I told Brady all about my day and how a job interview had gone earlier that afternoon.

We threw the ball back and forth continuously until he tossed it so far over my head I just laughed and said “really?” … He looked and me said not to worry, he had another ball and we should probably finish up soon anyways. He reached into his bag a for a brief second I thought… Is he going to pull out a ring? It was just a ball. My nerves disappeared quickly and I caught the ball and threw it back. I missed it on the second throw and looking at me from the ground was this ball with a big heart on it. I said, as I thew it back, “cute heart on the ball!” He just smiled and threw it once more and finally I caught it, looked down into my glove, and started to cry as he walked towards me with a ring in hand.

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Everything about this proposal, from the expectations to dropping the ball, was completely us (more me!) and couldn’t have been scripted any better.

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As we left the park we agreed to just head back to our condo and keep things quiet, enjoy this moment together just the two of us. We pulled up to our place and he pulled out his phone and looked to be texting. I almost grabbed the phone and jokingly asked who he could possibly be telling the news to without me! He put it away quick and brought me inside where he said at our doorstep, “I have one more surprise, I hired a photographer to come take pictures for us tomorrow while you’re still in town and she’d like to take you shopping with this gift card to pick out an outfit.”

As I was in shock walking up our stairs at what he pulled together, I glanced at the roses, champagne, and jumbo sized bag of dino-sours (personal fave) on the table and before I could say thank you my best friend walked out from the hallway. She’s a photographer in her spare time and Brady had flown her out from BC to be a part of this day with us. That moment it hit me hard and I hugged Shelby and cried the second time. The third and fourth came after when we called my parents and told his in person. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man.

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Special Thanks

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