Natalie and Billy

How We Met: I first met Billy in the dining hall at Tarleton State University, I had never seen him before but it turns out we had a few mutual friends. He introduced himself and immediately started lightheartedly picking on me, I took it in stride and just laughed at him. When I went to leave he asked me where his hug was, I went around the table we were sitting at and processed to put him in a headlock. I didn’t see him again until a few weeks later when I was about to head home for my little sister’s first prom. We talked for a little bit and headed our separate ways, a little later in the day we started texting and immediately became friends.


how they asked: Billy’s parents took the family to Jamaica on vacation and it was my first time to leave the U.S (besides Mexico and Canada). We left on Billy and I’s anniversary and immediately went to the beach when we landed. Later that day Billy told me when had reservations for a private dinner the following night. We were supposed to have dinner on the beach but by the afternoon it was raining so it got moved to a gazebo by one of the pools right next to the beach, the raindrops were hitting the two tiered pool and we could hear the waves hitting the beach, it was beautiful. Billy was quiet when we sat down to dinner but I figured he was tired or really hungry. Then the photographer walked up and asked us to scoot closer together, Billy asked him to hold on, moved his chair back and got down on one knee. My adrenaline started rushing and I stupidly asked him what he was doing even though I knew full well what was going on. Neither one of us remember exactly what he said due to the excitement and adrenaline but I do remember he used my full name and had to use both hands to put the ring on my finger because he almost dropped it. It was a perfect moment and the rest of our vacation was amazing.