Natalie and Austin

How We Met

Austin and I met while we were both working for my dad! He was STRONGLY encouraged not to go for the boss’s daughter, but I guess I won him over! At the time I was moving out of my parents’ house so when he would drop me off after a date he would drop me off at the very end of the street (to walk home) in hopes my dad didn’t see his truck going past their driveway!!

Fast forward to 4 years later and we share a beautiful and crazy life together. We have a 6-month-old daughter, Remi who is our absolute everything. A crazy dog named Dexter and now a crazy fun wedding to plan!!

I knew I would end up with Austin. I had never felt more ‘me’ than when I was with him. He brought an energy to the room that was intoxicating. I wake up 4 years later and feel the same way I did in those first few weeks / months. I just feel so blessed to have this kind of love in my life, and to now watch our love grow within our daughter!!

How They Asked

Austin and I had planned a trip to Mt. Lemmon, Arizona a few years ago. However, when the day came Austin, unfortunately, got sick with the flu and we had to cancel. We decided during our trip this year with our daughter it would FOR SURE be on our list!

We set out for the day early morning and made our way to the top. Halfway up we stopped at “Windy Point”, apparently known for its view at sunset. It had spectacular views of the sights around us and we decided we would for sure stop here on the way down for the sunset. We had talked about it earlier in the week, but Austin really played it off as though I was planning the whole thing so I really didn’t suspect anything!!

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Once we got to the top we stopped at a store and grabbed a few little bottles of wine to have at our sunset spot. I was anxious to start making our way back down but my dad and Austin kept taking their time and wanting to stop at every stop we had made on the way up!! Not knowing they had really timed it perfectly so we got there just on time.

We finally got back down to Windy Point after a full day of exploring. We scoped out the perfect spot. My parents took our daughter and stood further back to enjoy the view. The spot was perfect, it was almost surreal. I even took a second to mention how amazing it would be for a photographer to be up here (pointing at our soon to be photographer I knew nothing about). We sat in our spot and started drinking our wine. I noticed Austin had chugged his and I asked if he was thirsty (lol). He seemed a bit frazzled and asked if we could stand up and take a selfie together. We stood up and all I could feel was his heart beating out of his chest. I asked if everything was ok and next thing I knew he was holding both my hands asking me to spend the rest of our lives together. I, OF COURSE, SAID YES!! Everyone watching from the rock behind us was clapping, including my mom who didn’t know what was going on and was sobbing. Then Austin pointed out Justin, the photographer he had secretly hired to get it all on camera!

We walked back up and shared hugs with my parents and our daughter and enjoyed every second of the moment. I don’t think I’ll ever beat a sunset like that!!

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Special Thanks

Justin Haugen
 | Photographer