Natalie and Anthony

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How We Met

Anthony and I met through mutual friends at a bar in St Petersburg, FL. We all went out for Anthony’s best friend’s birthday and decided to be each other’s “date” for the night. I was trying to let him do his thing and not be super clingy the first night we hung out so I disappeared for a little, went to chat with some girlfriends at the bar. During this time, Anthony thought that I left (ditching him at the bar) and freaked out, called me 3 times wondering where I went. It was then I knew, I like this guy. From that night on, Anthony and I have been inseparable. We do everything together and always keep one another a top priority. He truly treats me like a princess and we do everything as a team. That is something I appreciate about him most, the way he supports me and our *team*.

how they asked

Anthony and I both work in industries that limit our free-time during the holiday season. The Sunday before Thanksgiving was approaching and it was the last day until New Years that we would have off together. He asked me to get dressed up and go out for a nice dinner and “painting with a twist” class afterwards (something I’ve always wanted to try — I’ve been nagging him about it for months lol). So we went to this delicious French restaurant in downtown Lakewood Ranch, and then walked over to our “couples painting class” next door afterwards. When we arrived, only the teacher and owner were there. They told me the other couples cancelled but they would still have the class for us.

During the class, the teacher gave me special attention and went into detail making sure my painting came out well. While we were painting, a woman came in to ask questions about art. I didn’t think anything of it. While I was waiting for my painting to dry, I was instructed to walk around and view other people’s artwork in the studio. Unbeknownst to me, Anthony had placed a custom painting on display. The writing on the painting said, “Natalie will you marry me?”

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I turn around and saw Anthony down on one knee! There’s romantic music playing, and a professional photographer snapping photos of my stunned, excited reaction!

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The lady that came in to ask questions about art was actually the photographer trying not to look suspicious! I later learned that there was never a couples painting class, the studio was rented out for just us. He even planned to have champagne readily available to celebrate toast our engagement!!

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There are very few times that I am speechless, but Anthony definitely did a good job at catching me off-guard! I cannot wait to marry the man of my dreams :)

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Special Thanks

Sally Ullman
 | photographer
Lets Create Art
 | painting studio