Natalie and Andishaeh

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How We Met

We met in undergrad at Oklahoma State University. It was our second year, spring semester of college; he was a sophomore in Chemical Engineering and I was taking my last semester of a fast track in Biochemistry, on my way into veterinary school at OSU. We were on opposite tables in our Organic Chemistry Lab (yes, we have heard all the chemistry puns!). Andishaeh happened to be planning 4 years for undergrad and 2 for a master’s, which would work out perfectly with my 2 years of undergrad and 4 years of vet school, so I knew logistically it would work out. I was relentlessly roasted by the other students during the semester for breaking a mercury thermometer on the second week of class, which he used to tease me a bit (all in good fun). I ended up breaking over $50 of glassware and he didn’t shatter a single piece of glass, even with a broken ankle and a knee scooter for half the semester, so I guess he thought my clumsiness was endearing. ?‍♀️ Over the course of the semester his nerdy intelligence, good looks, and fantastic sense of humor won me over. He waited until AFTER the organic chemistry lab final to ask me out, and we had a fantastic first date playing racquetball, followed by dinner at Texas Roadhouse (still our go-to restaurant). We have been dating for 3.5 years, both graduated from undergrad, accepted jobs for after our professional school graduations, adopted two dogs (a cattle dog and a sheltie mix) and have gone on as many adventures as our schedule allows. We love hiking at the lakes in Stillwater with our pups, visiting his family in beautiful New Mexico, and are planning our biggest adventure yet on a trip to Norway and Scotland this December to see the Northern Lights and the Scottish Highlands!

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how they asked

Over Labor Day weekend, Andishaeh’s extended family was getting together for a reunion at one of his cousin’s cabins in Taos Ski Valley (his family is Persian, hence the exotic names ?). I was super excited to go as I love the scenery in NM, and last time I visited was during skiing season, so I had not had a chance to hike in Carson National Forest yet. I was not allowed to take the Friday off on my vet school rotation, so we drove 9 hours overnight to get there. It was definitely a whirlwind trip- we spent less than 36 hours there before driving all the way back! I had been talking a lot about wanting a proposal soon, as I felt very uncomfortable looking for jobs in the Houston area (where he had accepted a job) simply because my boyfriend was working there (I had started to hate that title!). We had talked extensively about marriage since the beginning of our relationship and I knew it was going to happen eventually, but I was most definitely impatient. However I really did not think he would ask in front of his whole family, so I was not expecting it at all! We hiked with the entire family- older folks and babies and all- 2.5 miles up Wheeler Peak to get to Williams Lake. It’s a beautiful alpine lake with crystal clear water at 11,000 ft above sea level. Being from very flat states and not having much time to adjust to the elevation made me lightheaded already, and then he got down on one knee on the bank of the lake! My heart was racing! Only his dad, who is an excellent photographer as a hobby, knew about the plan ahead of time, so his extended family was surprised as well! I could hear his whole family and all the bystanders cheering from the top of the mountain. I said YES at 11,040 ft!

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Special Thanks

Ali Dadgar (father of the groom)
 | Photographer