Natalie and Alex

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How We Met

Alex and I met 7 years ago in December and started dating immediately. Two days after officially becoming partners my mother passed away, and he was my rock through all of it. Alex and I have faced many hard times together from my moms passing to me breaking my back 4 years ago, and he’s been there for all of it.

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Well fast forward to September he was gone for a month for work, and while he was gone our air conditioner began leaking causing mold and mildew water to come up from the floor in our living room and kitchen in our apartment. To add to that the office was doing nothing to fix it, and a few days after Alex was due to be home I was throwing a 1920s themed birthday party for myself. I got home from work a couple of days after he got home (and the day before the party) loaded down with decorations and a list a mile long from cleaning the apartment to baking a cake. The office had finally got someone out there to fix the ac leak when Alex got home, but we were still dealing with water coming up so I had to deep clean the floors on top of everything else.

Well I walked inside the apartment and he asked me to try on my costume for the party. I thought it was a bit odd as I had FaceTimed him when I tried it on to show him but I went along with it. He told me he had something that would look perfect with it, and I just assumed it was my birthday present. I was tired and rushed and stressed so I threw off my work clothes and threw on the dress (all the while in mix match socks!). I came out of the bathroom to find him kneeling in nasty mildew water holding the most beautiful engagement ring. He then proceeded to ask if I was going to say yes…. which resulted in ugly crying on my part and lots of yes’s. It might have taken him 7 years to pop the question but I wouldn’t trade anything for that moment. It wasn’t romantic or over the top, but it was perfect and totally like him. He said he knew I was stressed out because of the floors and the party and with all the chaos he figured it was the perfect time. We are now tying the knot October 20th, 2018. I am blessed beyond measure to get to marry my best friend, but even more blessed to have such incredible memories.

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