Natalie and Alan

Natalie's Proposal in Central Park, NYC

How We Met

We met through Mutual friends. Alan is actually a friend of my brothers ?. We soon realized we both loved traveling and wanted to see the world together. We are together 7 years now and have traveled to over 10 countries together in that time, some twice!!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Central Park, NYC

how they asked

We were on a holiday to New York. We had our whole trip planned out and an itinerary made for each day. Even though this was our second visit to the Big Apple we still had a lot to see and do.

We had decided that for our first morning there we would take it easy (after the journey from Ireland) and have a nice walk around Central Park.

We both woke up very early (well it turns out Alan was awake all night!) and I am not a morning person so was moaning at Alan for his restlessness during the night (I never suspected a thing)! I then remembered where we were and got very excited to get out and about. Alan suggested going for breakfast in Grand Central, yippee I love pancakes! We dressed up warm and, as it was fashion week, I decided on a little red lipstick to glam me up! After breakfast, we made our way up to 5th Avenue towards Central Park. I joked along the way that we should stop by the diamond district! Alan laughed and continued towards the park, not giving anything away at all.

When we arrived at the Park I quickly took the camera out and started snapping pictures and the glaciated rocks (I’m a geography teacher), I got close-ups, ones with the buildings in the background, ones of me and the rocks, sitting on the rocks…you get the picture!

Apparently, I spent 20 minutes taking pictures of rocks ?. Little did I know that Alan was a nervous wreck. He said “come on we’ll go to the bridge”, so I ran over and jumped up to lean over the bridge to look down at the frozen lake and I was saying “the poor ducks” as Alan was shaking his head behind me and laughing.

When I got down we walked a few steps over the bridge when I took the camera from over my neck and asked a couple to take our photograph. We posed and smiled and got a lovely photo. Then Alan said, “will you take one more”. So I smiled again, and, as I am posing, Alan is halfway down to his knee.

There is a succession of photographs of me posing and Alan looking up at me. When I looked at him my heart jumped. He said, “while we are here, I want to know will you marry me”. I asked him if he was joking ?. He said “I’m not” and with tears in his eyes he asked me the big question and told me he loved me. I let out a squeal, said yes and jumped into his arms.

The couple taking our photo was very excited and there were even other people taking photos on their phones.

We are so grateful for the beautiful photos and I am so delighted that Alan thought of capturing our special moment on camera. Red lipstick, however, wasn’t a great choice. It was everywhere!!?

Special Thanks

Unknown gentleman
 | He snapped all the amazing photos