Natalia and Pascual

How we met

Natalia was with her Friends at a restaurant having lunch while I was at another restaurant next door. I was with my friends, we have one friend in common and we all decided to go next door and invite all of the girls to join us for a drink. Natalia came over with her friends and we had a drink together. After that day I started inviting her to different dates and started going out. That`s how me and Natalia met in Monterrey, Mexico.

how they asked

I wanted to make a huge surprise for Natalia so I talked to her parents and friends to let them know that I wanted to propose at Mexico City on June 11th. They helped me organize Natalia´s trip to Mexico without telling her the real reason of the visit.

I planned the event on a terrace of a restaurant called Carlota. Natalia got to the restaurant with her family and I was inside a huge present box.

A mime received her doing some stuff, finally she had to pull a string that will make the box fell apart.

When she pulled the string the box came down and i was sitting on a stool and after she saw me I proposed to her in front of my family and hers.

Five minutes later all my friends and her friends came into the terrace and we had a wonderful night full of happiness and laughter.

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