Natalia and Nazar

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How We Met

This man has had my heart since the moment we met. Like electricity, we hit it off & fell madly in love, and later realized we actually knew each other from childhood (doing our communion together in the same circle of friends). Life took us 20 years to find our way back to each other. In those 20 years, the person I’ve become and everything I’ve experienced has led me to you, Nazar. It has always been you. Our love is the most authentic, soul-filling, pure kind of love and I feel so lucky to have found you!

Some additional background info on us dating: We met on a random night out, completely unexpected (in fact, I had been crying a few hours prior about being stood-up by some jerk! good riddance!). We stood on the street outside a bar that all our friends were meeting at, and as we locked eyes he put out his hand to shake mine– I swear the earth stood still and we stood there for 10 minutes shaking hands completely captivated by each other. Our friends saw us hit it off immediately, and knowing both of us as separate individuals, they had that “ah-ha” moment realizing we were perfect for each other. It was the most magical night of my life and we were like two magnets, finishing each other’s sentences and in awe that someone like this existed — I never believed in love at first sight until that night.

how they asked

A snowy mountaintop proposal for two adventure lovers…

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Nazar planned a surprise getaway to Utah, where I was whisked away to go back-country snowmobiling for miles into the enchanted forest. We finally reached the top of the mountain with a 360 view, and the world stood still as he asked me to marry him. It was the easiest answer of my life. And the truth is, a lifetime isn’t long enough to love you, Nazar. My heart is so full!

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