Natalia and Nathan

Image 2 of Natalia and Nathan

How We Met

Nathan and I met in the summer of 2019. We both left our homes in Indiana and Florida and flew thousands of miles over the Atlantic to Salzburg, Austria. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, and the place we spent three months studying, working, and traveling Europe.

What we love most about our story was that it did not grow out of any grand European romantic lavishness. But rather how every day, on the walks through the neighborhoods around our dormitory, we grew in deep friendship and admiration for one another.

Image 1 of Natalia and Nathan

How They Asked

On the morning of the proposal, Nathan and I were stuck in a 2-hour line at the Orlando airport. It was six in the morning, and Nathan was so nervous that we would miss our flight to Indianapolis.

We made it on the flight with seconds to spare. And by the time we landed, Nathan couldn’t wait to drive to a park in his hometown of Terre Haute.

Image 4 of Natalia and Nathan

The park was the site of an old colonial town, so there were historic cabins and mills scattered around a beautiful creek. Immediately I wanted to get in, so I took off my shoes and walked through the water. It was early October, so the light was a tangible color of gold. Everything glistened.

After I got out, I could see him fumbling with his pocket. He kept leading me around, but he wasn’t really paying much attention. Almost like he was focused on finding something.

Image 3 of Natalia and Nathan

Finally, we circled back to the creek where I first got in. He rolled up his jeans and took off his shoes and stepped into the water.

“Can you grab the Polaroid camera out of the backpack?” He asked. “I want you to take my picture”. So I turned around and knelt to reach into the backpack which was lying in the grass.

When I had the Polaroid in my hand, I turned around and found Nathan kneeling on a rock inside the creek; a beautiful emerald ring in his hand.

Image 5 of Natalia and Nathan

Image 6 of Natalia and Nathan

Special Thanks

McKenzie McNeil
 | Photographer